When money is stronger than family

An incredible case is coming to our ears today. It takes place in Canada and is about a rather strange story of family and big money. A fact which proves to us that the family does not mix well with the money. Here is the fact that tells the recent story of this woman who sues her nephew for a lottery win …

Family comes after money

It’s a story that can happen to anyone and proves that no one can be trusted when making a lot of money. We cannot trust friends, but this news item today proves to us that we cannot also trust family, whatever ties we have, or what we believe. have, with loved ones. We had already published articles to advise you to keep as much as possible the silence around you if you win a big win at the game, the casino game or the lottery. By reading this little story, you will have the proof that some can go very far for money …

Since the end of time, money has always been a vector of problems and can always destroy everything in a lifetime, as this little story that we are going to tell you now shows, which has its origins in Canada.

The ticket of discord

We are faced with a woman named Barbara Reddick, who lives in Guysborough, a Canadian town in Nova Scotia, and who has decided to sue her nephew for a lottery win of $ 1.2 million that the latter wishes to share with her. Most surprisingly, both of their names actually appear on the winning ticket. But Barbara Reddick believes that her nephew cannot claim half of the prize, because it is she alone who bought this ticket which will subsequently become the winner and the object of all the covetousness.

An affair which immediately plunges us into the bath and which proves to us that the money remains a rather sure value to destroy family relations. Indeed, we know that Barbara Reddick was very close to her nephew before this conflict and that both qualified their relationship as privileged. This first even considering the latter as a son. But the situation has changed and the woman now has another goal in her life: to prevent her from hitting half of the jackpot that she claimed to have won exclusively.

So why was her nephew’s name on the ticket ?! The cause is simple and you will quickly understand. CBC.CA, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canada’s oldest broadcasting service, reveals that Barbara Reddick was a regular at the game and therefore played the lottery very often. When placing bets, she would then put her name, as well as that of her nephew, on the ticket. A customary gesture that resonated like a habit, since for her, putting the two names was a kind of good luck charm. It actually gave him the impression that his nephew’s name could bring him luck and maybe help him win a jackpot. Everyone has their own superstitions! In any case, it is proof here that the two people saw each other very regularly and especially that they appreciated each other … before …

And the jackpot falls …

Everything is going for the best between the two family members, until Barbara Reddick finally wins the jackpot. It will then be the start of a new life that does not start that well. The lottery allows him to win 1.2 million Canadian dollars; but she believes that the money is all her own and that her nephew has absolutely no right to claim his other half.

NetEnt announces new slot machine series

Summer is a time when many companies in the gaming world are particularly productive. And the Swedish publisher NetEnt is no exception to this rule since it announces the upcoming release of a whole new series of slot machines: Max

A new series of slots signed NetEnt

You are now used to it. Not a month goes by without telling you about this giant of the online gaming industry. Whether it is in relation to its innovations or the prizes it wins at specialized trade fairs, the success achieved by this developer is well deserved. It is also in the hearts of many players for its many fabulous jackpots which often make the headlines and which quite often form new millionaires. But it is also a firm which knows how to remain productive at all times and which knows how to announce good surprises when launching a new project. And this time around, NetEnt continues to enhance its slot machine offerings and thereby establish itself as the world leader in gambling. The firm is therefore launching a whole new range of products that he called Max.

The NetEnt Max Series

The summer is conducive to the announcement of future big blockbusters in the world of games. Indeed, each year the re-entry sign most of the time new bursts of many publishers of which NetEnt is quite often part. This re-entry will be under the sign of a series comprising games adapted to different categories of online casino players. The developer of online casino games NetEnt also aims to enable operators to adopt a new marketing strategy. An opportunity for the latter to always be able to meet the different expectations of players and to launch innovative and ever more fun games at the same time. Max is therefore the new series of slots from NetEnt which may well surprise more than one.

Recently, it therefore announced the launch of its new line of slot machines. A launch which will therefore offer you the opportunity to take advantage very soon of a kind of packaging bringing together several games in a brand new concept called Max. To start slowly, NetEnt has therefore chosen to launch two very targeted titles. Indeed, these two titles are specially dedicated to occasional players and Max players.

Games for all types of players

The second category, which we have just defined by “Max players” is in fact made up of players who are looking both for gaming sensations, but above all for big wins. And the first two titles that will be put online, called BerryBurst MAX and BerryBurst, should give them satisfaction. Scheduled for the end of the summer, and more precisely in operational mode from August 23, these new titles will offer operators the possibility of offering games with a system already operational. But that’s not all since NetEnt promises, through this saga, to offer various functionalities and a rather unique and surprising marketing promotion which will considerably increase the profitability of online casinos which offer its catalog to its players.