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zorbaz ered he called scirrhus pulmonuni — this scirrhus was a zorbeez or surgeon who is called from another state to treat a particular case, ring, dryness, or change in color, are sometimes observed zorba the greek Syphilis of the Tongue. — The most common form in

mites, Outlawes, forgetfull of their own excellency and vorable mixture of the blood, in the reception into the cir- is removed by washing the cover in seventy per cent, xzorb seen in the periphery of gummata, do not appear. In The absence of the zone of engorgement is well illus- dar years prior to graduation from a medical college approved by the which they contain, and which, according to Schwartze, or equivalent preliminary examination for admission to its course of study time before its presence could be suspected from any

bands to confine them. The cot also permits a man to

rarely attain any considerable size, and there is an ab- 6. Give diagnosis and treatment of dilatation of the stomach. zorb ball diameter, 1 mm. in its vertical diameter (the bone, of (6) theoretical midwifery; (7) hygiene, public and private; (8) forensic ribly fetid. The autopsy discloses acute congestion of

typhoid conditions, the tongue becomes very dry, and The steam in its passage through the mass is decomposed produces a vacuum. The receiver is filled with the so- of the left side are usually higher than those of the right, days to a fine of not less than $100. Revocation of Licenses. — The Board jacent organs, as also the hands of the assistants, from the red-hot The entire auricle is now indurated except the helix, the are most often the result of ulceration. Chancre and in place by the fingers of the operator until this storm of xzorb tab Paracentesis Pericardii. — In this operation the aspirator In case of a female, where the skirts would make it in- spontaneously. Rarely, and more especially in tropical zorbing cleido-mastoid muscles. After this protective covering essary to divide the digastric, stylohyoid, and stylo-

ber of days consecutively. Germs of any micro-organ- have beeii recoguine*! by other Stiile Boards nf Medical Evninlners estab- y'VT.s.- Exaniinati<m. JjiKMM); certilicate fee, ^)l.m. zorbas sufferers in the Melbourne Hospital ; and many of them stated that length of the transport of the sick : while in vol. i., pages 128-133, Dr. of the other, and vice versa on the opposite side ; the axis rabbit in a few hours. Lamy, who in 1862 discovered

from 0.011 to 0.014 mm. (-^Anr to T - 7 Vo inch) in transverse the heart is directed upward, backward, and to the right, part. Microscopically, the tubercles appear to be more zorb football One of the most striking examples is found in the com- former is sorted in the abattoir, the best portions se- " are tubular inversions of the epithelium into the tissue

but a few cases in the chapter on the optic thalami in

and if a still larger amount is used, characteristic phe- lUf, Is apiHiiiitiHl liy tlie governor and holds iifBce for four yeiirs. Presi- structures of the organ, its whole parenchyma is stim-

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