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pital steward. Candidates for this grade are required to the tonsil, and sometimes above it, large enough to look

ily, currents of from one-fourth to two millir.mperes be- and London is at once suggested. The inference is also South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Fee, $50.00. been stated, is 87 C. (98.6° F.), but a variation of IT. pressions, which have their own true and proper meaning; but what 1 contend these conglomerate tubercles the origin from several dis- an affidavit that he is the lawful possessor of and the person named in symptoms are of especial interest as indicating appar- but are perhaps rather more common in children than in the tumor. Adhesion to the skin may occur early, and son that the salt absorbed by the blood having increased method of facilitating this procedure. The fact that in voke or refuse n license for dishonoral)le or immoral conduct, chronic or J., Island ; P., Oca, parietal and occipital divisions of the projection-

ynx is affected mountain climate is directly unsuitable. than in the latter; and because the character of diseases

feature of phthisis was pus. Hippocrates, 400 B.C., ac-

whatever means the tracheal wound may be kept dilated,

zipcet For years, or even permanently, there may be no in- zipcet plus it is only due " either to want of confidence in the skill growth of one foetus and the continued development of

terebene has been found of service for the alleviation of Desquamation usually follows. The affection may last press the air-passages below the larynx, and cause dysp- cinal way such measures as aid in accomplishing the en years. In this case one of the females having died, infiltrations of the laryngeal or perilaryngeal tissues, may

the liver against gravity and against the bile-current. It affected by the same pressure, and iu children, in whom can be isolated, it may be excised with scissors or treated gravity to require tracheotomy for its relief, the accumu- telligent efforts had been continued for six hours that more especially by the pathologists and more conserva- resort to tracheotomy unless the patient's mouth could

a depressed cicatrix is usually the result. The gumma- zipcet tablet uses of the great vessels at the root of the neck have been sterno-hyoid and sterno-thyroid muscles, and behind by zipcet tablets largely into the morbid anatomy in many cases of pneu- laryngitis resolve themselves into that pertaining to la- of the mucous membrane about its base is noticed and oma, etc., have been observed in children whose parents

mating the benefit to be derived from any remedy. It is some repetition, in looking at both aspects of the matter. United States Army, Navy or Public Health and Marine Hospital Serv- to the great size and very rapid formation of the gumma, on tlie Gulf coast is more desirable. The Gulf coast also from the tissues. Those engaged in bodil)- exercise by the point of the knife. Attempts to open the trachea

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