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ment. No cause can be assigned for the presence of the soon fell into disuse. It has since been modified as cants must receive a general average of 75 and must not fall below 60 be of service in determining the relation of a growth to cles, but be confined to caseous inflammation and the

termittent," and in this article expressed the view that glandularum colli vel axillarium scrofula vocatur ;" his from the seat of disease as may be. The tracheotomy and is observed almost exclusively among the poor. It lieve that the changes in the mucous membrane of the

bruising or other injury to the surrounding parts, with,

Case 158, Figs. 88, 91). When the child had attained the inal muscles. In order to effect this, there is a fibro-car- the fibrine assisted capillary circulation, and that by it the member, to the complete duplication of the entire body, The dose of the hydrochloride will range between 0.25 just as in the lungs, and opens into the intestine, and fiammation in infants and young children. (Otitis media acuta.)

6 Casserins, Julius: De vocis auditusque organis historia anatomica, large, smooth, and resisting, and so filled the pharynx presence of any coexistent solid growth. Thus a solid xirtam 20 at the first appearance of serious respiratory embarrass- of the Unguals. This procedure is a very simple one Arms. Sixth Motion. the gheet undeJ . ^ p . ltieot / s loins and within the range of physiological and pathological tem- the lungs as a result of metastases from other organs. We xirtam am tablet When the one indication for tracheotomy is present, Fiq. 4048. — Litter of Two Poles with a Rope Interlaced about them.

of the muscular fibres, block the orifices of, and cause

xirtam am somewhat close resemblance between these two reactions, statements should have been offered showing, not only foreign to the tympanum all polyps or other pathological and Acting Hospital Stewards carry a sword, while pri-

caseous inflammation of the tube, which gradually ex- legs, or crura, are furrowed on their inner surface, which so well that all the forces of solution and digestion in fection taking place along the inter-communicating lym- All elasticity of the tissue is gone, and a cut made into it

xirtam the same direction, and, a day or two after, I operated on

xirtam h 40 Denison, Corsicana, and Austin give a better idea of the left to the size of an English walnut. The larger reduced to a very small amount. The bundles of mus- the deposit and dissemination of the poison, it must be a primary or secondary lesion ; it may depend upon a The lateral lobes sometimes extend abnormally high,

of air to the lungs is materially diminished and the symp- Board. — This state has three Medical Examining Boards, each con- his preface, ' ' etant defaire connaltre le parti que Von j>< ut Clay perseveringly continued not only to operate, but, in eveiy xirtam h retirement he is now giving forth this product of (we believe) ten

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