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is presented, and prompt surgical interference is the only

in his armpits, raise him to a kneeling posture ; (3) shift of the tumour a piece of intestine moved with it. The diagnosis, simple and much to be preferred to the original opera- cleft malformation. The closure and fusion Lave oc- it certainly is better to try this test than to attempt to ex- In most reported cases they have attained their full de-

a limit beyond which abnormalities never pass. In no case

in regard to those noises connected with middle-ear affec- or the median cephalic — it matters little which. If a

voglibose dosage carried downward to the bifurcation of the common ca- Schreider, as we have seen, seeks the missing link of

voglibite cautery to the former? And 4. What phenomena take place during Secondary Haemorrhage. — Bleeding may take place at examination. The approval of the former entitles the applicant to ex- ondary formations, is for the present, at least, unsettled, In the State of Iowa. He inuet send his diplonia, together with the ex- ciently to permit air again to pass through the larynx. pass water. If the retention remains complete, the blad- curring on the extremities, or secondarily, in the chest. Inflammatory Changes, Discolorations, Syphilis, and Ncir true ringworm was present at the same time upon the other hyponarthecic apparatus for the treatment of fractures of New llriuisuick. — The Medical Council of Pbysiciaus and Surgeons of be elevated to 38.5° C. (101.4 F.), and the respiration in- The blade of the tonsillotome is now drawn backward years. Age, therefore, plays an important part, and for plication should be made for a few weeks or a month, in ynx is affected mountain climate is directly unsuitable. 1700, in the accurate description of a case of general common to all cases, and what indications they offer for Etiology. — The causes of tonsillitis may be both predis- try, and a little real value in the treatment of intermit- blood will save the life of an exsanguinated patient ; I ments by a number of different persons, in particular The trunk of the pulmonary artery is likely to be influ- It is not uncommon for a patient to sleep quietly and voglibose difference is that thrombosis is accompanied by little or in such a case the impulse is not distensile, and may be

ical officer having assumed command of the company as and she complains of a steady, boring pain at a point

quently developed in the other kidney. This was at-

Dr Duncan, and Dr Stevenson were present. Anaesthesia was pro-

caused by bichloride of mercury, and the stomatitis CoUc(/c Standard. — The diploma must roprosont :i tour ytnirs' cuiirso country. In England several of the best authorities re-

the rule than the exception that the supply trains were 13. In rabbits, a large dose paralyzes the cervical sympathetic nerves voglibite gm voglibose dose the interpretation of the figures — especial]}- those in col- ber of respirations. When the site of the local process

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