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their wares to the credulous. We should be very glad to see
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nospital duty in a large station, was also saddled with the following
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liarebeenonitted, solhat page .if, follows dire-tlr on ra,P^- I n'^ "?
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uterus was firmly contracted and small. The presentations were : First,
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was coming in the winner. Thus did Madame Petit miss her chance of
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of these it was administered to allow of the second tonsil
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supplied with water, and some, like the Middle Park, have
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calcium is not available for the conversion of zymogen into ferment.
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right lung and some tuberculisation of his left, was trekking
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The dormitory is divided into several compartments, each
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(Reported by J. Edward CJodsos, M.R.O.S., L.R.C.P.,
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adequately represent the position of the London County
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has been drawn oft". Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson- has made
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We are glad to be able to agree with one statement of our
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that may have occurred among this class of the community.
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distress to all Englishmen in India, save a few in receipt of
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sioned the relapse of many reformed drunkards through prescribing
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represented the subjects they wished to bring before him
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health for a northern seaport town was inserted in the medical
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ment. He thought the cases of weak heart action after in-
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termining enlargement of the prostate. He facetiously re-
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ence on the climate of Egypt proving so congenial to him.
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Ebers has had the kindness to point out to me, held by no means so low
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still more serious drawback is the lack of the critical faculty
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patient was there associated joint disease or any other tabetic
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us, be found in large numbers in the interior of polynudear
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the left side it has been found empty and collapsed. Of
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others; living culture is more virulent than sterilised culture,
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on disease in children in this country, or probably any other
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and also that of Trustee of the Dental Hospital of Loudon,
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a fashionable as well as a health resort. It is crowded with
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cated to the memory of the veteran of public health, the late-
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accommodation for invalids is not up to the European
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In conclusion, I must crave your pardon for having tres-

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