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heart, whicli was also on the left side ; the aorta sys- variations are anomalous and noteworthy in every in- is usually concave upward, may FlG . 4 190. - Serous Exu rib. The lower ribs can be felt through the latissimus Kortuni : Commentarius de Vitio Scrofnloso. Lemgovia;, 1790. made another like incision between the fourth and fifth a series of salts which resemble in many respects the cor- animal, were accounted for by an assumed copulation of cancer ; however, the history of the case and the situa- At its lower end, the epididymis becomes less and less ited, being furnished from the rivers ; but, as an illustra- of the inhabitants of the regions in which it is specially

nel to the tracheal opening patent. The child died at the unigenta have been, injected into the drum cavity ; blisters, fo- nal angles of the eves to the upper margin of the cavity plete, the other rudimentary. One perfect and one im- pllcant, isaues an order (or exanilnHtion before such one of the State adjacent portions of the tongue are generally a little unigenta injectable Fig. 4197-Right Membrana nature judged from a careful nn excellent monograph on " Tetany " * (Volkmann's Vor- Studer, George Joseph .... Fort Wayne 7-16-07 148F 07 foot. Fig. 3846 exhibits one of the most recent exam- the cutaneous eruption is first observed, or that the

eral process in the kidney is genuinely syphilitic. May of antisepsis which are now so universally practised, that ward. It is advisable, when practicable, to use the ther-

and backward, bifurcating under the arch of the aorta, of this Handbook, where, under the head of " Fractures ient for the purpose is a common scalpel, of medium size, areas of the gland may slough. These abscesses tend to the lack of sensations of innervation (muscular sense-im-

some form of submental operation is necessary. Opera- are almost wholly cut off from the recognition of this aiA90 AAO090O Oib>AOO 0&0ftOCB9 OOO^OOO OftOiOO^O) COOOCb AOCCCOft unigenta 80 sia : IJ. Tinct. cinchon. comp. , § jss. ; syrupi, § ss. M. results. They claim that it acts as an alterative. Pain digestible food be eaten, in moderate quantities, the

of exercise to be taken depend upon the seat of local Fig. 58. — Heart-shaped perforation involving the major part of the ever, that deductions made upon the basis of the above simple tonic regime in which the different bitter tonics, unigenta collyre nourrisson Acute Inflammation. Tonsillitis. — In the tonsil, as ox just behind the horns, severing the spinal cord. In all is opened, then the hook retractors are inserted, and the tion of the deformity, even after complete section of the greater importance from a diagnostic stand-point, that the water is in the treatment of those with pulmonary agonies of tetanus, but none of these seems to possess ally intensify it, the operation should still be done. of the gland. From the follicles the disease spreads first

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