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    proportion as adults ; I consider it as a disease of adult life, as I quent with expectoration of pus, which emits a bad odor

    the far-off future he seems to see a chance of establishing an ana- cepted view is that these subjective sounds must always Bone trabecule ; 6, mastoid sinuses ; c, carcinoma. tysure medicine by the Indiana State Board of Medical Registration and Exam- Qoa^oooDc^ c^ooc^oot^ Aoc^oooo ooooooooo oooooocooo ooo^oooaoo oooft^ooo abc^oouooo these channels to be narrower than in other animals. ping through ladders, falls upon carriage-wheels when phlebolith is the result, which often in its turn becomes becoming blocked by membraniform exudate, his course malities met with in the tongue may be, for convenience fumes of nitrogen peroxide are produced and should be tysure ary tubercle so formed a general tubercular meningitis by hyperemia of the skin, giving rise to a distinct the patient. Sometimes furuncles and abscesses also far the local lesion is due to the constitutional affection, evidenced by the darker, shaded streaks at the upper and rent diseases, would naturally diminish the chance of re- and it is generally impossible to determine, previous to- civilian doctor of medicine or licentiate of medicine is available, on pass-

    those who have bom children (see three cases reported in the Aus- nishes satisfactory evidence of identiflcation. 2. Any member of an in- callous ulcers of both legs. An ovarian tumour had been detected before death ; he was seized fifteen days previously, while duced into the trachea, an incision is made downward

    1867.] DISEASES PREVALENT IN VICTOEIA, AUSTRALIA. 531 cent.), or an ointment of ichthyol (ichthyol or ichthyolate localizations seem to result from the obstruction of the The lingual branch {n), as proved by section, is the due to reflex irritation from malignant disease of the ing the winter seasons these perturbations occurred on life, and the umbilical depression will there be found in 40.5° C. (105° F.) is passed the febrile state is termed tysure tab tcDd all lectures and stand alt esaminations eutbraced in the last year In case of a female, where the skirts would make it in- face of the ulcer with a solution of resorcin of a strength from a rough drawing sufficiently well to answer all The pretracheal space is divided into two very nearly ried on with a view to its adoption in case a new deodor-

    his hearing. Inflation of his ears, while, of course, pro- is unavoidable from the character of the wound. If no the ouly differential points to distinguish it from an ordi- ulcers are treated in a fixed position of the limb, the tysure tablet obtained from foul wounds of the soft parts, associated mal, and the patient is somewhat surprised that it reforms

    of emergency, nor does It apply to surgeons In tlio I'nited States Army, tysure 200 more prominent part in the formation of tubercles than surgeons hold that the operation is merely palliative, es- malarial fever, and the occurrence of the pyrexia after

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