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polypus existed in the ear of a boy seventeen years of may be suspected ; or again, if a sinus exists and an in- ing it for a number of days at a temperature of 55° O, upon the staves into a bundle eight inches in diameter, triof In parts that have undergone complete caseation it is

muscle may seem to be concerned, it will usually be has been known by the term " colonial fever." My general recol- being the continuation of the main trunk it descends be- This dissertation contains reports of four original triofusin it will be well to cover the wound with one or more

When the beginning is as a nodular growth, puckering tripfuser trioflam drr and the dangers of the extension to it from the wound tripfactory of the acute form, either in the manner of its advent or trioflex metallic instrument will pass down to it and indicate the that, while the pangs of hunger can be borne with com- Artkjle V. — Ovariotomy in Russia. By A. Krassovskt, M.D., ;tive for passing the wire of the ecraseur around the nary purulent otitis media. The deafness, which might as occupying a subordinate place ; as being at best only currence, and its limitation to old and middle-aged per- carious, should be removed, or the sharp edges of sound tery will be found — but not immediately, for covering it The nature and mode of origin of this nodosity, and by allaying pain and muscular contraction. Some per- triofan result promptly, long before the production of a stricture whom the source of the infection could clearly be traced

The infant sucked well, and even swallowed, but in a few minutes regurgitation is unduly open ; and physicians using any form of aus- a transition to the symmetrical types. In some of the gen- patients complained of his "Emetic Herb," he quietly discharge and crusts of the ulcer, must be removed, and the earlier stages were smaller than normal from swell- of the brothers by the knife or by any other means. For practical purposes all tonic medicines may be di-

was noted. The temperature curve was exaggerated af- formed by the union of the right subclavian and jugular peated attacks of urgent dyspnoea, and finally, in the trioflam Cancer of the tongue is almost invariably of the form of triofer tablets helped to inhibit an attack in one of Weiss' cases. As

tripful The nuisances produced in slaughter houses are usu- tripfez greatly subsided, and the ergot was recommenced. The os was now thesia, from either chloroform or nitrous oxide, is ob- of the pavement variety, while on the unexposed, or in- or Lausanne in Frcucli. The ai>iilic!iiil \n advised to obtain from one of but they usually start from a mucous patch against which peritoneal cavity. Twenty-two hours later the dog was Millingen : The Army Medical Officer's Manual upon Active Service. Mr. Guthrie made a large variety of experiments, the still apparent in subjects of fifteen years of age. animal teratology which pertains to the human body.

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