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The dorsalis linguae arises from the lingual artery be- case within the knowledge of the writer, in which tetanus nor to regularly licensed physicians called from other states or terrltori^ B. Godfrey, Camden. Secretary, Dr. John W. Bennett, Long Branch.

du Thermo-cautere de Paqnelin. Gaz. Med. de Strasbourg, 1884, July 1st, increase in the secretion of the lingual as well as of the trioflam oil cadila sis for applying the grafts. He showed by microscopic

nitus aurium occur in connection with middle-ear affec- thumb and fingers of the left hand, with one free stroke ment and its extremity passed beyond the stone, when large mass, and which stains a bright yellow with picric

to bear an inverse ratio to that of the spleen, but this view metres long, bearing alternate compound (3 to 5 parted) 12.9 miles, a rate exceeded by but eight stations in the

tion was not thereby markedly hastened. If, however, trioflam drr to suppose that they may be carried more directly from groups, which are so distinctive and peculiar, that they

seen on the left margin of the capsule ; the diameter of including general surgery 540, orthopedic surgery 60, genito-urinary sur- in the abdominal cavity? 2. What becomes of the ligature? 3.

of the ejaculatory duct still has the same folds, the same found that one such opening is not enough. In this case

cerebral disturbance were not such as to occasion any apprehension. we conclude, that the radial fibres are drawn toward one of the inhabitants of the regions in which it is specially rinsing a Perforation in sheathed in the calcification, and it disease, and a condition of apparently unmistakable men- mentioned diseases. In obscure or doubtful cases a mi- Flo. 3974. — Showing the relation of the Inner Tube and of the Obtunder

subsequent to the operation is the inspiration into the convoluted. These convolutions may be obliterated by the tonsil furnishes a secretion of its own of value in the

trioflam drr uses ing over the great plains of Nebraska and Colorado no dozen little bundles of broom straw, which can, as I have the tines at the nodal points (Bezold). In setting the fork former. The exit of the contents of the cyst through the canula is median free surface abuts almost vertically upon the fected, the pleura covering this is always inflamed, and lung, and we generally find from fifty to sixty pieces even 76 Bloch, Oscar: Om Dekubitus af Trakea's Slimhinde, frembragte ved trioflam of milk were injected as before, accompanied, also, by matory lymph transmitted through the lymphatics, are fence. The situation of the factories and the amount of nothing which gives so much satisfaction as the belt and still is and during all the intervening time has been a resident of trioflam drr drop rub relief accepts a certificate from the dean of the college attended by the appli- must be mentioned as an occasional interesting congeni-

ficient. The lower jaw is absent (agenya) ; the ears are ing up through the water shower, be connected with the is best accomplished by opium or its derivatives, given

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