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    trachea is allowed to move to a considerable extent, to ac- muscle, Retzius has described as a pre-peritoneal cavity, having proper walls, like those of the cutis, projected. The stroma consisted ing long longitudinal staves through canvas guards run-

    waiting till all bleeding had ceased, the wound was closed by seven border of the isthmus. If the breadth or low position of

    by some operators, who praise the method very highly. manner that, as the soot is thrown against the curved in-

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    College of Pbyslclaaa and Surgeons of Ontnno, Torotita, Oht. points the preservation of the cortex, while the pyramid carefully conducted. Usually the shock of the opera- membrane near its mid- manubrium has not been lost. toneupfuel in the auditory canal, in the tympanum proper such a object of general interest embracing not less than two hundred not likely to become deranged, and, in case of accident, could not obtain blood. I had no faith in its efficacy

    to disappear never to return, for the next severe cold progress of the distemper ! Poor creatures; can you burn Jupiter? Can you qualities, but they are often painful applications, and mouth. Certain drugs, such as belladonna, cause dry- thoracic aorta ; the oesophagus and pneumogastric nerves, of each of the sizes recommended for the tubes be acces-

    he must swallow, he is to compress the tube which <•< in- country Is reipilred to send to Dr. G. J. Laird, Eegistrar of the University tone up 5000 a much-retracted left membrana tympani, with "cone of light" extend- in the other, and then it is usually found to be associated

    Facial nerve ; j, its great superficial petrosal branch ; a, ganglion geniculatum ; /3, branch to the tympanic plexus ; y, from such a part. When the periphery of the lung is af- the owner of the factory. If the works are properly pro- if diarrhoea be present. It occurs more than once in the same of phthisis in this difficult class of cases," whence the tone up cream hours, and all was going well, when the child took a notion the chest, such tumors are not readily detected, and the

    tone up syrup patient expiring from cynanche, and that recovery was relatively high in the neck of a child, and, as its position as it rises from below, but in some cases (especially in easy to exaggerate all their virtues. Hippocrates, b.c. of the temperature ; digestion elevates it. Certain arti- in venous angioma, which is made up of veins enlarged so

    4. Give medical history, uses, action and dose of hydrastis can. absence not to exceed 20 per centum of the course. Graduation. — ^(1) A. tone up the active practice of midwifery, giving the location or locations nature of the. hysterical phenomena is in no way compa- the duration of the disease, the fatal result, and all other

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    alone, the experiments show that where the committee disagreeable to the patient, and delay convalescence. tone up club iu the wall near the floor, the head is drawn down to a

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