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Pinard reports 200 cases, 120 recoveries and 80 deaths.
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sight, due to refractive errors, is markedly on the increase is
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Dr. Smith believed that the case was one of acute miliary
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from healthy subjects ; and that there was considerable toleration to pep-
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sis, formation of antibodies, etc. But a single ap-
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denials of responsibility for misrepresentations of Koch's
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" aids." He was also physician to a Children's Hospi-
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of aggravated symptoms. If there is perforation of the
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fuse sweating, and great depression of the circula-
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to be very deep. There was no tenderness. 'I'he mother
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ing to most authorities, the purulent form at least never occurs. Even
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United States - 1983-1984. Pediatrics 1987; 80:481-90.
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puscle may by heterogenesis give rise to a Heliozoon. He does
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the author to be overfond of employing drugs, especially
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his sufferings may not be so very great— ^the substance taken into hi*
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in both cases. In this case the electrode in the NaCl solution is
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The very remarkable favor which has been bestowed upon this work, as manifested in the ex-
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LivEttroot. NouTiiKRy Hospital. -Ilousc-Surj^on. Candidates must
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Each year our children are bombarded with $2 billion
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The active intellect, perfectly separate from matter.
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thalmia. A good many points control advice in these cases ; the loca-
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County, 1935-1964. They found an average annual in-
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there was no evidence of discharge into the peritoneum, thus
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remote from, the tumour. In the case of plexiform neuroma, there are no
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Europe. Notes from Some of the Roentgen Laboratories of.
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larned you now have available the Heimlich Poster for
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writings, he often wanders off into side issues and thus
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wliich imparts to the gcncrahty of them no privilege. We have all had
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scholarly, thorough and suggestive. The value of a careful in-
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If these should fail, chloroform must be administered, and a large
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rendered immune to bovine material by large doses of attenu-
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a very different clinical result. The primary haematomyelia may cause
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bundled, and laid away to dry. All the leaves and bark
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dther with great suddenness, as when it occasions apopleiyy or with um w n t ri
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accidents are concerned, the operation does not seem
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tube, but continued to develop in abdominal cavity and, there-
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to be of a retrograde character. Sometimes lipomatosis took
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may appear in the urine and urea accumulate in the blood, presenting
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reflex effects in and upon their bodies. Living with-
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writings in great measure must be traced his success in prac-
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It allows the Surgeon to dilate the opening of the windpipe
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often firmly contracted, causing the knees and elbows to be acutely bent.
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Although those plants which especially belong to a soil of

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