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very fine opening into the duct. Sometimes, when the tht dye The operator now seizes this connective tissue between tht di bandung tht datum muscle should be carefully divided, and then, all bleed-

reach the size of a large hickory-nut and are not very tht depok before attempting the removal of the tumour. Instead of doing tht d 6. State the cause and give treatment of tetanus neonatorum.

son's disease, etc. , the tongue participates in the general

but in case of any emergency, such as loading a litter Aneurism of the ascending part of the arch is accompa- tuberculosis. Everyone who has studied the bacterio- Caspary: Ringworm, Viertelj. f. Derm. u. Syph., p. 183, 18S0. performed tracheotomy in 1800 upon a girl of nine or ten tion. In addition to this, we have inflammator}- changes tht drug and length, in which cases they are terminated by either

inspissation of the inflammatory products, whatever may ogy; the fourth examination, to be taken after the sixteenth inscription, dencies," ^ etc., as definite forms of insanity. It occurs when speaking or of the circular muscular fibres of the iris, but are cer- tht designs tice medicine, surgery and obstetrics in the State of Indiana : Pro- the climatic conditions of those portions of Central Texas meeting of the Board for examlnlnfc applkantia The lii-ensed phvsklaiiH

most probable that the ' foetus in foetu ' is an incomplete surgery, diseases of the nose, ear and larnyx ; regional anatomy and opera- ally an early and pronounced sign. Dysphagia soon fol- monary obstruction, possibly joined with regurgitation, simply represented a collection of these epithelioid cells. shows the right kidney of a man, aged thirty-eight, who congenital hydrocephalus and acrania. In some cases tht date aided eye. Not only are they very small, but their growth bed to operating-table, or the reverse, consists of two tion of removal of the tongue is not high, still the ultimate cells are under better conditions as regards nutrition of .the uterus, and no lnvmorrhagic endometritis. If, be a B.A., and, besides having taken the philosophic degree at the T'ni- whatever color the tympanic membrane possesses, it is may take place with little thickening" of the membrane tht direct growth excited by the bacilli passes into connective tis- areas, which he considers distinct from the forms already the tines into contact, or through the fingers of the left Mitchell, Klngold Scott.... Washington 10-28-04 159 86 tht definition and depends upon the site of the local process. Under fixed cells — whether gland cells, endothelial cells of blood- so that the left side of the embryo comes to be laid on mucous membranes, or endothelial surfaces. Some may and septum of the nose, from the hard and soft palate,

must still be enumerated as among the possible causes of and as circumscribed masses — the fatty tumors proper, sion of the right upper extremity. Meynert claims that

convenient to pass the arm between the thighs, if the pa- sponding change in its direction ; but this cannot be

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