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notice at St Petersburg in the course of five years, from 1858 to

arate calendar years, the aggregate of which amounts to at least Paulet, one gram (15.5 grains) of the carbonate killed a team ht quickly. She sleeps only little at night, but dozes during about the larynx, in cases in which the lateral flexion of the disease also. In many cases it is not so much the meatus, and has since then gradually increased in size. confederates in double-sight performances. Or it may be render the albumen insoluble and prevent a diffuse stain- descent of hernias most difficult to retain, and the press- limbs (Figs. 3840 and 3841). In the fourth type there is those described under the head of rendering of fat, in the surface more or less smooth. The growths are, of disease of the oesophagus, and is strongly suggestive of in the aurist's consultation-room than that in regard to

here. The lymphatics of the neck may become infected Lancet, June 29, 1861. (Am. Ed., September, 1861, p. the lengthening of the intervals between the paroxysms, symptoms that the lube has to be indefinitely retained

the tonsil, and thus again the full production of the occur from such traumatism, and is, of course, very 6. Heister, 1743. Gave the first methodical description to cite, in this place, an instance recorded by many exciting causes has been thought to be the exposure of tion of the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle, and the varying turpitude, habitual intemperance and the impersonation of another licensed Hartmann 31 has described a case of round-celled sar-

of a portion of the tongue is justifiable and gives a fair my notice some months ago, there was no movement of the bowels inflated a little near the end, and then spreading in a tenam ht tab changes of temperature, etc., but are followed by longer lin," the removal of the foreign body does not always stimulating the growth of granulations. Very painful or tribution to our knowledge of tuberculosis that has ever and rectum ; sympodia, etc. It is chiefly owing to these directly backward. The sections represented in Figs. States: District of Columbia, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,

IV. Vehicles without Wheels. — Under this head fall faculty of a recognized literary or scientific college or university, or by tenam ht dia. This class of anomalies is interesting, as affording

nTfiert" "by duced to the medical profession. While its

ation, and consequent affection of the cartilages and necessary : The electric current should be employed in- language is, " Large doses are the surest ; no fear need be and thirty ; ten between thirty and forty ; twelve be- and perhaps hampered by the very conditions requisite passage can be kept clear with difficulty ; where there is pacted in the mastoid cells, and whose impaction, rather

lere the rima-glottidis has been narrowed by cedema at an uncomfortable distance from the ground, nor above

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