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    or a brownish-black appearance, the difference in the colour

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    their Co/ respondents in the principal Towns on the Continent. Our Corres-

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    It was also voted that the Committee be not restricted to

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    derived fromurochrome, — viz.,omicholine andomichoUc acid —

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    to that described by Mr. Harris in the Philosophical Transac-

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    or to this Society. All questions of an ethical nature brought before the

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    Educational Progress, to the President of the Tulane Uni-

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    Average of 10 corresponding weeks, 1857-66, 1830*1.

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    I have given the title " Nature in Disease" to the present

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    demonstrable by light percussion over the bases of the lungs

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    pneumonia appeared in the left lung, and it was followed by coma

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    in boiling water, filtering, and setting the solution

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    ceded by slight itching; primarily vesicles, from a sixteenth to an

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    The brain has a life of relation; a, with external nature

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    I would compare such minor deformities as the familial occurrence of peculiarly

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    water in dyspepsia, and without much faith made up my

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    vary the Journal very materially from its present form and dimensions.

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    irritating, and exhausting the stomach by its efforts to get rid of it, and

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    sobre la epilepsia jacksoiiiaiia. 8'-'. Mexico, 1893.

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    The occurrence of athetosis in these cases is of much interest, the

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    reason already stated I must leave this aspect of the subject for

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    bite of a contaminated mosquito ; all of which me ex-

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    Kernot, Charles Noyce, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., L.M., Cowes, I. Wight

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    tive antibiotic action both against gram-negative and against gram-positive pathogens . 1 ' 7

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    little whether the drug is salvarsan or neo-salvar-

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    planned to appeal to general practitioners. There will

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