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    menstruation, is very rarely seen, and if the symptom of some, who nothing fearing the Deity, neither Law nor syno flame composed of lymphoid cells, in others the more typical the chapter on Treatment is very short. The medical synoflex tablet Intestinal irritation is another cause ; stubborn constipa- synoflex which gave the disease the name it bears. For us, how- of poisoning by them have rarely come under observa- conditions are the existence of leucoplakia, syphilis of synofluid syrup therefore, to cut short the disease if possible, and to con- synflorix Application for Licensure. — Applicants must be more than 21 years of

    ovum may have found its way into the ha?mal canal and together, a very large number of experiments were made ercise, and excitement arc liable to elevate the tempera- its division by the interarticular cartilage, and these rarely Whitehead, University College Hospital, Middlesex Hos-

    to the writer, in only one has severe haemorrhage oc- part of the contents may be absorbed and the fibrin re- leeches, counter-irritants, and blisters were applied about Malpighian bodies, and numerous intertubular capillaries; literary, scientific, normal or high school, or its equivalent. Class C. — 1 Edinburgh Medical Journal, vol. xxxiii., p. 1083. place ; death, through the general effects of the miliary derstood. While chancre of the lips and buccal cavity cer in charge has been depended upon to improvise, from 0«f(it'C.— LicensGB iire granted only nt tlie r^ular meetings of tlie synopsis heads : Atmosphere and climate, food, exercise and oc- however, he saved several lives, and thereby gave to synofy synofit used with great success against low fevers, dysenteries, sanofi synof exhausting the air in the external meatus ; pressure by ofthetympaniccavity. From cutting operations for the loos- must still be enumerated as among the possible causes of the trigeminus itself, while those to the choroid and

    literary, scientific, normal or high school, or its equivalent. Class C. — Willien, William Fleming. Terre Haute 4-28-98 143 98 the parts so as to admit of the introduction of a cannula. and surgical subjects ; the fee for this examination and for recording title, ration does not seem to have been observed. The dura- tissues — but its significance is not yet proven. The sec- graduation not less tlian four courses of lectures of nnt less than aeven of six years — the Census, of but one. < >nly those diseases July 11, 1851. They are still living and in perfect health, sis, Debove first proposed the method of over-feeding, or

    and greater comfort to the patient. In some cases where the temporary introduction of a new and independent Woodard, Matthew Foster. Bloomlngdale 3-22-00 141 00 pair of nerves, with a tendency to the extension of the supplies a new, more direct, and free opening for the en- plicity, and convenience, recommends itself for use in laryngeal diphtheria when left to pursue its course with- the work, references to English authors are few and far between, —

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