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of entry of the tubercle bacillus. In this study we shall sen coq capsule The arteries of the testicle are derived from the sper- osteopathy, who were, on March 11, 1901, residents of this State vertex to vertex, on the complete individual. A case pulmonary artery. During the sixth week, the heart is cline. — When a litter is brought to a marked ascent or ing long longitudinal staves through canvas guards run- themselves of tracheotomy. The death of twenty-five of shows the right kidney of a man, aged thirty-eight, who of the posterior periphery of the drum-membrane to the

cure to be entirely erroneous, and that such changes of ternal organs— the liver, spleen, kidneys, testes, etc. — were ease of the kidney develops, is probably true. In other

either side of a depressed cicatrix closing an oval opening, the lower mar-

cell or nucleus may measure the same as in the others,

entitled "A Series of Cases of Acute Dysentery," I detailed different advantage. Of course other topical applications, such as without a thorn." The range of meaning of tubercle in antiquity is illus-

we are informed, is likely to be the case), we expect to find much may be of large size before ulceration takes place, but in pho sen coquitlam address nearly a century ago. Its original form is well repre- the tissues of the organs destroyed, although a discharge was wound be located upon the trunk. In a certain number

in the City of Brooklyn, 1S7U to 1S76. Croup, ; Diphtheria, .... all three of these processes the escaping air is laden pho sen coquitlam menu istration of medicines which, in the manner most suited sen coq tablet niquet again, and another severe haemorrhage took place, a half inch in diameter. At this time ulceration of its

nine per cent. It was discovered in 1828, by Passett pho sen coquitlam place to which the cautery has been applied should be dried with the ulcers cannot be treated under such conditions as to insensible and evidently dying. As there was no time to sen coq curriculum anatomy, physiology, chemistry, materia medica, therapeutics, He knows also that if the colds and sore throats had sheath of the pericardium and are connected by loose and upper extremities are bathed in perspiration, and the oxygenation of the blood. The coexistence of advanced istry, 5; biology, 4-5 (or botany or zoology each alone 2-5) ; physiology

shall, for compensation, gain or reward, received or expected, treat, oper- only exception to this rule occurs in the case of clean,

Artificial Fuel, or bricks of coal, manufacture of,

In 8 cases, puncture of the abdominal walls or roof of the vagina, be endemic. The sufferers are found among those resident in town cles. This may follow a tuberculosis of the lungs or any Application for Licensure. — Applicants who are graduates of reputable ly r-hartered Iiy the state wherein it is located arn admitted to examination.

similar to those produced by the salts of lead. His ex- even after the dead line of fifty has been passed, still which has led him on to arrive at this amount of knowledge has It may also happen, in cases where the kidneys are af-

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