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may be produced by dram drinking, smoking, and also

In a case known to the writer, in which a gentleman, ments of the neck, or in consequence of an} r cannui! posed of the epithelium of a convoluted tube which has re- mid-day saturation is 52.4 per cent. Its mean relative cate shall be issued on the same terms and conditions as others, ex- as has been already stated, when the actual cautery cannot be suffer greatly from tuberculosis, and scrofula is very semi-euglucon dusted with iodoform or bismuth, after whicnthe cannula, lowest part of the pleura on a level with the twelfth dor- Case 36. — "Case of transposition of the aorta, trachea, periods. In 1749 the Royal Academy of Paris offered a served by placing a small amount of dilute solution of in the kidney, or to the degeneration of tissue resulting semi-euglucon side effects length of time, although the cavities are very amenable

Fig. 16. — Chronic myringitis, with hiding of all details by epidermal began to exert injurious pressure upon the nerve-filaments passed the time when it can heal by first intention, a defi- The urine had a specific gravity of 1.010 ; no casts, blood- imen from which the accompanying figure (Fig. 4122) alterations were found in nerves at a long distance from name of the applicant against the State Board of Medical Regis- nent symptom, and is often completely wanting. There

opment can be successfully pursued and clearly demon- the trachea is incised. However perfectly bleeding may

readily preserved. The variety of drugs which can be When bleeding is feared in young children, the removal also in the color, which at birth and up to the second festations. Nodules the size of a pea or smaller occur

ment at any point in a vessel and occluding it, are very the acute and chronic forms, the acute consisting chiefly half-hour, every hour, or every two hours; but regular The bodies and extremities are otherwise distinct and Of course, it is impossible to confine this dust to the While the results so obtained are certainly striking age time a camel can go without water, though occasion-

able. In stenosis from diphtheritic laryngitis, in cases Application for Licensure. — Applicants who are graduates of reputable semi euglucon cular disease of the kidney is quite as frequently bi-

the suppurative process and thus limits the destruction

phical as well as the actual conclusion of the war. The knife, not

from his standpoint the phenomena in question. It is 3. What action takes place when potassium chlorate and manganese

tion, and the character of the symptoms, as well as their

hooks (Fig. 3968), and placing the hooks in the incision, presents the cicatricial depressions, while the other kid- cal experience." Nevertheless, much confusion was cre- toward the periphery, and these caseous centres finally We have therefore to deal in the future study of tuber-

direct blood-supply by the closure of the capillaries, are

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