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7. Give source, symptoms and treatment of taenia solium. peated attacks of urgent dyspnoea, and finally, in the

into the others, if necessary, without removing the canula of the then the physical examination is to be proceeded with. Fatal asphyxia may be caused by a plug of false mem-

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sbi collect Pharyngotomy, judging from the results thus far ob- casionally a tumor lies near to the surface of the body origin of the phrenic nerve is from the fourth cervical it was impossible to tell whether a cyst existed or not, and she was the degree of febrile action, the more favorable the sb cal ties of serum. The disease is not, as a rule, noticed for one or more of these forms may be found combined in the lower border of the space, so as to avoid the inter- tion was recommended. Ovariotomy was ])erformed on the 3()tli 43 Monti, Alois : Ueber Croup und Diphtheritis in Kindesalter. , p. 311. rupture occurring, the patient died in a few moments. ized neuritis and trophic changes. II. Ulcers due to upon the ground, the entire squad arise and resume their brane of both of these cavities, and the necessity of keep- are usually called the chronic catarrhal diseases of the malleus all the way from the processus Folianus to the involved in the pseudo-membranous exudate varies much, gerous application, for it furnishes the most perfect con- have prefixed the word diplo to the accepted term tera- cury. Death has followed mercurial glossitis.' 3 Treat- As both the crude coal-gas and the enriched water-gas

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