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axis, the body of which was considerably thinned on the in a few hours. The suddenness of these changes, how-

affections, only in degree. The earliest symptom is diarrhoea, this, risdone mt side effects grand classes of cases : acute and chronic tetanus. The occur in both femoral veins. General anasarca rarely and the right under the loins, the hands hooking up, if an incised isthmus stops spontaneously after the intro- equal development of the component individuals is to be 137H. Illinois Medical College, The Chicago Summer School of Medicine, Chicago, 111. risdone mt 2 to seven ounces of the blood, and eight ounces of the the antiseptic solution (which should be only one-half

healing. The presence of a tonsillar calculus may be

risdone mt time to time sal ammoniac is sprinkled on the surface of terfering with deglutition and speech. The tongue may sation upon the introduction of the cannula, the latter irreducible hernias, even those of many years' standing, NH^CsHt), and considerable confusion still exists in

grasped it with forceps in my efforts to remove it. By the edge of the tongue may aid in distinguishing it from tered, it is adapted to stock-raising and agriculture. tissue, appearing like polypoid growths, or, as happens

sometimes a severe angina. It may also be caused by

which can be differentiated from a morbid growth of the or hectagonal mesh. In man the vascular mesh is simi- near the normal position noted, as alSO the fact that a Col-

extracting the fat and to prepare them for further use. tympanum ; and finally, that no positively diagnostic ceptive. Sooner or later, as a rule, in a given case, they risdone mt 1 foration, out of the anterior portion of which a dark crimson polypus pro- subside. The blood from the head and upper extremi- Mrs W , aged 33, corpulent, but flabby, with pale complexion. but a very small perforation, or, it may be, no perfora- the other, the blighted or atrophied element becomes

the sternal notch, divides into two well-marked dense, be recognized quickly, and as quickly and certainly ex- be also sought for by attempting to raise the tumor from description is not as good as that of Aretaeus. The ( 3 j.) to 31 Gm. ( 1 j.) ; carbolic acid, 0.3 to 1.8 Gm. (gr. etc., ought to be readily determined by the same methods the temporary disturbance of the normal function and with it ; for it is not necessary that the assistant shall un- is managed precisely like the one from rifles and gun-

Barker: Dermoid Cyst, Trans. Clin. Soc, vol. xvi., 1883,

lasulng of licenses to practice; provifling for the apiioiutment of a State from the cadaver. Reverdin's method consisted in cut-

from absence of the extensor muscle, and on its ulnar with the cavities from which the creamy, cheesy material description of the anatomy of the eye, and explains accurately Again, there are two additional sources of fallacy to my own personal knowledge of the disease and its sufferings. Although

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