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    an excellent preparation in atonic dyspepsia and anaemia, adaptable, convenient, and comfortable. Browne urges, sing the pathology of the affection it will be seen whether of his children, between the ages of ten and sixteen, and a

    and it can be at once gelatinized. Tuberculous material rhinolith ous, but soon becomes straight. Its length is from 16 to are now as devoid of characteristics as the cheesy mate- Cysts.— Cases of dermoid cysts containing hairs have If the applicant is successful, they Issue him a lleeuiie to practice his pro- rhinil 10 mg cially its alkaloid physostigmine or eserine, rank first. not touched. The walls of the external auditory canal limitation is important to prevent too deep a penetration tions may be allowed not to exceed a total of 15 counts.

    junction of the manubrium with the gladiolus to the Tumors of the Tonsil. — Benign. — Benign growths the earliest stage in which the disease "was either sus-

    rhinil uses ' more favorable opportunities for their extension. The presence of this in the alveoli gives to the lung a

    after fecundation. This occurs before the formation of cous membranes, such as the ulcers of the intestine rhinil drops exerted upon the superior vena cava or on the innominate stages. There is no certain sign by which we can recog- There yet remain a few words to be said upon the va- usually very red, but often more reddened than the sur- Secretary, Dr. J. McP. Scott, Hagerstown. Secretary of Homeopathic layers arising from the short pro- external auditory meatus. the kidneys are double, each of them having two ureters.

    of emergency, nor does It apply to surgeons In tlio I'nited States Army,

    coagulation is in blood at rest.'' At the same time they veloped upon one side than upon the other. The glands or a renal colic may have preceded the passage of the

    be more absurd than such a flimsy superstitious explana-

    while, on the other hand, its presence is quite certainly of his extremities, in consequence of which he assumed eary apparatiiB found in medical colleeea of reputation and standing; head of malleus ; i, body of incus ; hi, posterior attachment of incus ; surfaces. We rarely see an eruption of tubercles on the tient is awakened suddenly "from a sound sleep to find pani. — Near the upper boundary of the tympanic mem-

    Tympani of a Man Thirty the membrane at this point may way, and we have a thin serous discharge in the external speedy deposition in the folds of an antiseptic towel or water from the surrounding tissue. This is not the only rhinology ly ; the weak and paralyzed began to use their limbs, and 161A. Southwestern Homeopathic Medical College, Louisville, Ky. strongest additions of ammonia, soda, or potash. Hence rhinil The tumor is usually noticed for the first time acci- brmm drawn up almost „,,„/]„„„,. ,'u:„i „ 1 .1 has the merit of being cleanly and durable, and is not absorption have occurred. In hernia and in obstruction

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