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&C., Regius Professor of Medicine, Cambridge; Sir James

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Mr. Gary Fredberg, Executive Director, of New Haven County

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YES I wish to become a COMPAC/AMPAC member. Enclosed is

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9st. 121bs. he should be 5ft. Cin. in height, and so on.

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established and the American saloon took the place of

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rarely occurs. The result in any case is likely to be bony ankylosis.

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Ladinski emphatically stated that operation should al-

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tive tip of the ear, for a gouty tophus. In chronic gout the

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you .-^re educating and fitting someone to take your

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the bone; occasionally the bone is depressed beneath

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The resolutions came to the County Secretary, as routine matter,

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pregnancy, was admitted into the hospital, December, 1854, with spurious

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distribution of the money was made. Moreover, the movement, so

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1. — Carstens reports two cases illustrative of conditions in

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confuse the four colours (red, yellow, green, and violet) which they

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medical attendants. Texas il. J., Austin. 1899-1900, xv,

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after fifty hours, seven deaths, thirty-three and one-

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of the back, &c. The swelling of the eyelids increased, there was great chemo-

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keratitis and conjunctivitis ; and a ^ per cent, solution for

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of its class a period probably intervened between hurtful ex-

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lysin, in the venom of several kinds of spiders, and Sachs has been

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here and there points of involution. In 1884 a number of new

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population at the phthisis ages (15 to 55) may be assumed, following

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delirium, the spirits are very much dejected, the pa-

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unreasonable, and tacitly organized opposition to the just

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His ingenuity was rewarded, the prescription was put up

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1,000 cubic feet, and the room kept closed a longer time. No

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have purposely omitted till now the mention of a symp-

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tact of the clothing, and which were the provocation to

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The equation for the equilibrium condition between gelatin chloride

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was seized with malignant pustule in the hand immedi-

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his mouth near ihe end of a cart, when the ; stroment beyond slight suppuration round

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American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. — This

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should be made to traverse the lower part of the wall, this forming a

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ground temperatures being in the position of effect following cause. — British

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is no proof that the large glands are caused by the

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X Etude sur le tabes dorsal spasmodique. Thèse de Paris, 1876.

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