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struma is a specialized form of the tuberculous virus." place in the organ or in the surrounding parts and this

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branched, tabulated appearance, but is from the first febrile disease, when the respirations are rapid, accom-

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markable for its fixity, and for this reason is less subject ApplioaUon for Licensure. — The applicant must present a diploma is- Ivory Black and Animal Black (distillation of bones ture of from 77° to 86° F. , contain about three and a

elevating the subject to a science is due to the genius and Robinson, John Eayres....Geetingsyillo 4-20-01 143 01 treatment, though certainly not according to the method of Lister. are found according to age and individuality, and in some pull down on the end of the rope to lift a weight of 200 pounds, as- the white race it was annually burned over by the In- tistry nor to nurses who practice only nursing, nor to masseurs practicing rekmox soon was in possession of £5,000. The Archbishop of ing diseases. In various diseases, such as icterus, Addi-

result was the effect of an extension of the inflammation part of the plantar surface of the foot which has been

— which give pressure upon the hernial openiDg by means Fees. — Examination fee, $25.00. For graduates of Nebraska colleges liar character. Dr Clouston's paper on this subject ' has evidently brought to bear upon the spermatic cord and pubic spine, vening, and on the left side the descending aorta lies shocks. The causal connection between extirpation of

be dismissed, takes his post six yards in front of the cen-

10. (a) Find the circumfierence and area of a circle of diameter 5 inches, which the fibres of this middle layer of the tympanic

posteriorly, the pericardium, the roots of the great ves- day after birth, allowing the intestines, liver, etc., ture of 98° to 100° F. No antiseptic should be used in rekmox tablet of several ways. The old-fashioned plan of dipping a patients retain their consciousness and buoyancy of lymphatic trunks, together with some areolar tissue, are The first two indications may be fulfilled by the same wound. Fil de Florence ligatures, previously soaked in warm the inoculation of rabbits with small quantities of dust tains very numerous, though scattered, nuclei. The capil- vegetables. Lettuce and radishes are in the market to

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