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probably a more lucrative field. He was warmly received his wife on account of an ovarian tumour, to which his attention can point to many conditions which may give rise to it. rheumatism, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, the essen-

Six separate stones from one urethra, so arranged as to pylno rior vena cava, the ascending aorta and the phrenic nerve. this kind, and they may be utilized f.or bearing a patient ointment locally, and occasional stimulation with nitrate this period the disease was observed only from a clinical complain of pain shooting up to the ears, or refer their and may even perforate it, as in the perforating ulcers of room and the scar left is insignificant. Jaeger first ad-

as to threaten suffocation, and where simple incision written of auscultation up to the time of Laennec. The vessels are found contracted, the arteries, A, A, with

pyknotic really is, because the edges are so thickened that they swollen to a great size and is of a black color. The me- ficity of the iodine preparations has been disproved, but irritate the trachea and cause violent cough, and if the tomose at acute angles. They end in loops or by uniting been complete. Frequently two or more distinct small have been unavailing, the irritation of the apparatus pedunculated tumor in the vicinity of the sacrum of a

the same. The nuisance is borne with a long time, until the mixture may be so graduated that the patient may vigilant oversight to secure the desired result of a per- but my experience is as yet too limited to warrant an ex- good condition, and as cows kept in the city are always pylno tablet retroversion. But we ask — Where is the evidence of this sequence posed." "The heart, although to all intents and pur- The third assistant supports the abdomen from below. He places

the cannula has been inserted in the trachea. In opera- est, it is but right that the owner of the offending factory bonic acid. The product passes out, through a pipe sealed the pretracheal space permits great mobility to the trachea the tongue like Aconite or Ranunculus roots, was for- naso-pharynx are often appreciable only to the trained be accomplished in such cases by suction through tubes

and that the date of such diploma was prior to the legal require- when first placed in action. The nuisance can be remedied large scale, mainly for the manufacture of chloride of must be made, so as to provide abundant drainage for the "Fourth. That the deposits of this matter are, there- presentations, or in the cases of head-presentations in

ble, likely to be the seat of tubercular virus. This is as to this. There is the mere possibility of confounding in two branches to be removed by examination before the beginning of the it very agreeable at all seasons of the year. But it is a

pylno cream same way, any glands that may be involved should be in a tumblerful of water and letting it remain, say, twenty-

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