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ivithout Juice, firft cafling aviay what is thin and

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herns in fhew , bearing neither Stalk nor Seed , ha-

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Leaves are fomewhat broad, fhort, and rough, J mailer

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hen a firong Smell , but it is nothing fio quick out that

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JL e«, li-netf mT&u* ; in Latin, Filix Saxatihs,

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„. u:a , s y ,ve ft r ’* vuigatior Dodonei , Lobelii

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loofely fpread, which are of a white color, net differ -

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a Rock, it lends forth a round Stalk, feldom fo thick

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cluttering together, confifting of one thin, crifp, or

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of in this Chapter, are the thirteen following, viz.

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a direct action in the heart muscle. There is no evidence of its

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ftriped with great Stripes like Flames , having fome

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fhew you their native places, the third of them, as

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they have attained to their height ) higher , but are

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pleafant. The tops of the Stalks have fewer Branch-

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medical topics, discussion of interesting cases in practice and the

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yellow color. The outfide of the blowers do likew fie

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of which are fet narrow , rough , fhort, and fomewhat

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Blood, and is of excellent ule in all Putrid, Malign,

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apparatus may manifest itself in impulsive utterances of inarticulate

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as t. Iris bulbofa impar , five incomparabilis , The

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Hyflerick, and Cordial, and therefore is good againit

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kinds , and is either wholly of a deep red or fpeckled

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two or three, brown of color, and two or three feet

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Elder People, prevails againft Palfies, Apoplexies,

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took this position a change came over him. In the first place, his

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( being made either of the Juice or Effence) but is

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the introduction of the catheter was difficult or impossible, an

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made up of a great number of Fibres or Strings, which .

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blackijh purple Thrumbs, encompajfing a fmall, long,

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as time goes by we feel still more the need of his ever wise coun-

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5. Gentiana minor , feu Gentianella c £rule a fund at a

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and the treatment is also clearly laid out — to relieve the obstruction.

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opment from which suggests removal to the land of the orange,

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in his own town. He was the acting School Visitor for a period

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nefs of the Eyes, clears, cools and fmooths the Skin,

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round, fome oval, fome long, fome a little corner d,

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