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Publication, a Committee on Obituaries, a Committee on Finance, one mem-
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Definition. — Endemic peripheral neuritis is a disease of unknown
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minated abruptly by the Savannah River, a turbid stream pursuing its slumsh oonRe
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m eas u re, and yet there existed so Uttle correct apprecia-
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system now in vogue of shutting up lunatics of all classes in
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place through the circulation, secondary deposits occur in various
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tion of the bile ducts or portal system, or both, physical examina-
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times induced by the pneumococcus, which may or may not be accom-
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may allude to the use of stimulating enemata, as of culinary
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straight ducts into the bowel ; consequently, sutures penetrating the
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from a day when he had eaten pomegranates stored in
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bounding quality is due only to an abrupt onset of the wave and a pulse
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Improvement; during second month potassium iodid added.
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4. Circulating toxins. The same objection last mentioned
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blood flow could not be maintained through the graft.
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much intelligence in the community generally, to admit, indiscrimi-
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bismuth and alkalies, with the addition of thymol, re-
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education in humanity, rather than in the humanities — that con-
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tional, and I therefore join issue with Dr. Beale in his state-
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otherwise than in waste and failure. Every graded school in ISTorth
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half hour long, ether used two and a half ounces. Patient exceedingly anemic.
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sphygmograph with the smallest pos.sible amount of pressure
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the barometric pressure is one-sixth less than at the
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stance, I said, is fat, it will float on the water; but, if it is brain
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about an hour longer, and that the animals did not become habituated to it.

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