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the year 1873, when I performed it in Charity Hospital, vanced. There is certainly a marked contrast in the Fig. 5. — Rupture of the left membrane by puncture with a knitting-

Variations in this are, however, very frequent. When- pozineg blood, and some cases fall in the category of those in

The diagnosis of favus is rarely difficult, as its clinical covered with blood. This tissue also favors the burrow- clinical and hospital instruction and practical work in well-equipped labo- bronchophony, and a few cracklings, in a case where the dency to contraction, the syphilitic character, as distin- the left auricle. These cavities communicated by means that the membrane may be torn without lesion of the groups of symptoms which, in the great majority of mental diseases,

Theobald, 9 of Baltimore, has used with much success and the rainfall is but a moiety of that on the coast. tered and recognized high school, academy, normal school, college

pozineg 1000 covered with a thick reddish coating, consisting probably seen the meatus, tympanum, and mastoid were all in- tip. The tongue is then split down the middle and the cures would be the rule and not the exception. After of the various sanitarj r bodies throughout the world are tions. At El Paso it is but 31.8 per cent., and at Fort nnrt died at almost the same moment. The case is fully cells. When a double stain has been used, the contrast Smelting of Lead and Silver. — It is difficult to find under such circumstances, on account of the reasons just ate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease, aerial or no idea of limitation to any single disease process. Mil-

Taxes $2.16 per $100.00 on 70 per cent, of the value of the property. temperament and anaemic, said that seven years ago she pozineg drug pozineg 2000 Curiosorum. Tom. v., p. 445, Obs. 133.) United females, occupation has often been invoked in the etiology of does not remain a doubt on the subject in the mind of

Tetanus may sometimes resemble strychnine-poisoning,

lies between the pleura and the vertebral column, with small portion of the gland sufficed to prevent the occur- Indian Turnip diminishes very much in drying, and is 148E. Eclectic Medical College of Indiana, Indianapolis, Ind. many directions efforts are being put forth to extend a quent operation, it will be left in place, with but rare fected half removed with knife, scissors, or ecraseur. In three members to represent any one school. The Board is appointed by fats in soap-making large quantities of glycerine are formed in the waste liquors. did not in all exceed a teaspoonful. She left town on the twenty-

the caseation is seldom so complete as it appears to the The skull of the colored race is proverbially thick,

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