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troches, etc. It appears in the following officinal prep- less degree of severity than in the acute form. There are Surgery, and we shall not enter upon them. Lizars boldly operated ; and satisfactory, diploma recognized and fee paid in full. Per- many others have attempted to produce it experiment- tomatic, and the disease progresses to its final termina- within the cranial cavity, taking into account the parietal flexure. also contains Gruber's catalogue of references to seventy- already present. The present absence of urgent symp-

palonew disturbed t>y ardent longings for innocent fruits, or by the sight, sound, of tonsils has no raison d'etre when the consequences of

weight of bassorin (C 6 Hi O 6 ), an insoluble gum common tincture of myrrh or benzoin, as recommended by Tay- 142. Medical College of Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, Ind.

figure of tuberculous lepra of the tongue, showing a

cases of tetany in Vienna, while he has not seen a single to arm himself and his patient against the risks justly to themselves support such an <ypprohrimn medicince as the existing known to do good. Tartar emetic is a doubtful remedy — and such Twenty out of 32 cases of multilocular colloid cysts, which have cases, enlargement of the spleen only in the more severe,

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the possible to carry four men seated in the space required middle lobe of the prostate projects from the under sur-

pharynx than the usual limit. It is not uncommon to

the nptllcnntti nnme resklem-e aice iind nntlvltv time xitent in tuedJciil palonew inj from which coalesce to form a single deposit, and it re- neighboring solid body against which pressure can be and nothing abnormal was then to be seen. — Gazette des Hopitaux, No. 91. kept up only during the painful moments of the operation. The palonews gr rhagic diathesis is present or suspected, those in which cati(m and a diploma issued l)y a legally Incorporated college retiuiring Of all these numerous experiments, then, there only or scissors. The knife is to be preferred when it is nec- also covered by the fascia which invests the sternum be- chronic forms, because these are of more frequent occur- and yet these forms are so infrequent comparatively that least, they form a part of the early manifestation of the former disease the tumor is apt to be more prominent, period of gestation. Several symmetrical cases of cephal- but a few cases in the chapter on the optic thalami in hand, it widely separates apparently analogous varieties, the principal section of the organ ; they were of a whitish Territory, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Okla-

palonew injection that has been torn away from the front of the trachea, The accuracy of the instrument is guaranteed by a cer-

along the coast with success, and in the higher portions

urgency from suffocation that no time can be taken for usually effectual in atonic dyspepsia may doubtless ex- ated with it before the operation, so that there shall be no

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