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Serevent Recall

Trophic changes such as extreme emaciation and marked

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of Dr. H. F. Nuttall, of Cambridge, in conjunction with Drs.

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treatment, when the clinical features of the case warrant

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The subsequent history of the case proved my conclu-

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tremens in more than 50 per cent, of his cases since he began

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ing was noticed in the right submaxillary region. Nine or ten

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tubation, the high operation is best. Granulations are often

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Analgesia to the level of the diaphragm can be depended upon

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proper foods— including kind, variety, quantity, proper

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one instance, are made members of medical societies that

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fusiform, some decidedly rod-shaped, others oval and even

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cular system indirectly through the nervous and diges-

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ExPEBIMENT No. 2. — A bitch, weighing 55 pounds, was op-

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and in it I placed particular stress on the good results obtained

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thereby, and, what is. of more importance, if possible,

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curately over the parts. It is purely local and requires only

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cautions were instituted against the possibility of

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abdomen should be carefully inspected and palpated.

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prevents them. 5. Moderate doses of bromids before injection

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on the tube represents 1 per cent, by bulk of albumin ; that Is, If

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clinical entity has been accorded this abnormal state of

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died and the autopsy showed numerous sarcomatous metastases

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The muscles involved in every sprain should have motion

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the report of the Committee of Arrangements, and other exer-

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of Plimmer's method Gaylord and his associates were

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That tetanus antitoxin and plague antitoxin are val-

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presented the President of the Association, Dr. Charles A. L.

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Time will not permit the full discussion of these at

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patient. As soon as the tampon on the end of the cable

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size of tiie little finger, exteiidin^ 10 to 11 cm. (4 inches)

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placed in sterile envelopes and these, again, placed in

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swallowing shows that the second sound is absent or much

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there were no changes in the sac. There was a general tuber-

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come of this than what we now possess in the utilization

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be recognized in the red blood cells, but hematology is

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former week. A most satisfactory feature is that in the heart

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should be given some recognition. If the members present will act

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