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to keep the blood current moving throughout all parts of the body,

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or the quantity of nitrogen in the f?eces and urine, he has sufficient

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appears under the skin ; this may gradually become absorbed, pre-

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If (jedema has set in during the last stages it is not very difficult to

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symptoms develop shortly after the exciting exposure to cold, and after-

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been imx)aired by some debilitating cause, generally menstrual or

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The Lips. — The lips guard the entrance to the mouth. They are

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comi^licating tuberculosis or diabetic coma puts an end to the patient's

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be considered dry and uninteresting to others, and which will have to

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such ulceration. The ulcers are generally multiple and are for the most part

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outlasts the duration of the primary specific infectious disease.

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was due to an excessive function of the blood-making organs. But

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tained by the burning of 100 -^ 7=14.3 gm, alcohol. In other words,

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attached to the bones, cartilages, ligaments and also to the skin.

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of an alkali. A small admixture of bilirubin imparts a brownish-orange tint.

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Under a moderate speed of the fan-engine, either of

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and the most difficult of all to follow. It is as follows : " Bring the

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tion of fluids upon the reduction of fat are on record in large number by

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the details of reproduction are too extensive and complex except for

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middle of June. This allowed more time for the many

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tissue and the formation of fat have not yet come to a harmonious

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Fall lectures — Lengthening of the college term — Establishment

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separate the patient from other children or to disinfect the apart-

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ness, but in many cases it is sufficient to remove it.

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matic origin. Almost any obscure and obstinate pain which is not

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