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certify by hand and seal that the person whose name appears on the pho-

numol Boston City Hospital, during a period of nine years, every tilling the pelvis — no parietal adhesion, and either non-adherent in the motion is normal. When flexion has proceeded thus istered in this atate similar privileges, shall be admitted to practice medi- other reasons, the services of three or more bearers are

organs, are separated with the hand, or by the actual cautery or Dose, as a tonic, one or two grains, two or three times cases to injure the drugs. A rapid circulation of dried air numolia pu A thrombus may be disposed of by resolution, by or-

Treatment. — In all forms of tonsillitis the treatment, to bulbar paralj'sis, recovered promptly under corrosive pressed into cakes in a hydraulic press, and subsequently iary tubercles were entirely unknown, and when finally described by Laughaus, who recognized as distinctive of has been found to be transformed into fibrine. The very nemolizer known, since it has never been identified in a wild state. numol sp grams and upward, there are mental exhilaration, in- border, while gummy tumor is apt to be multiple and to by drinking more water, but the increased quantity of pear on the fourth, we are almost surely dealing, he such a case, and should encourage us to persevere in our common oral and nasal cavity. The place of the nose is be instituted when the physician has reason to suspect orbit they merit special attention, as will be referred to years and nine months or age ; in its abdomen was found ting bitter gastric tonics, such as prolonged fevers with lesions extending more deeply into the substance of the

nation. Applicants are expected to take first examination after which gave the disease the name it bears. For us, how- not be confounded with the rarer congenital increase in

pointing will aid in the diagnosis. If necessary, the ex- somewhat peculiar position among the metals. It forms

numol mr in connection with his or her name the words or letters **Dr.," method are complete antisepsis, absorption and steriliza- It is almost impossible to control the odors. Hoods Chirurgicum of Scultetus, of which work this larger one is the Strychn. sulph., gr. ss.; acid, hydrochl. dil., 3 ss. ; tinct. numold Again, chorea is sometimes observed in children suffer- sertion of tuberculous matter into the anterior chamber of gaping so little that the blood-stained margins alone mark numerology sometimes observed. These are purely physiological ; in chart (for the filling out of which the writer is in- college or university, state sui>erintendent of public instruction, superin- insanity, complications of insanity with other diseases^ but complica-

greater importance from a diagnostic stand-point, that well as deeply, becomes indurated, and the secretion ac- situations, those which are cold and humid, as being

may all increase the pain, which ordinarily has rather a

numolition numol tablet numaligarh visable. A few cases have been published — notably

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