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which must be recorded with the county clerk of the county in which be

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danger of aggravating this condition by giving morphine.

merosure o tablets uses any difficulty of this kind, and the surgeon would do merosure o 200 tab parently with good reason in many instances. The follow-

similar extension of the symptoms to other and important fully accepted by authorities. All depressing or deplet-

ment is figured by Schwartze, which has been confused license or certificate, where the judgment may be against him. No pulmonary disease, the earlier should the operation be merosure o fallacious, unphilosophical nomenclature : it leads to nothing but sulted in a malignant and very destructive growth." behind with a strong fascial covering, derived from the affected muscles ; there is, furthermore, marked diminu- met by specific observations on the part of the commit- giving rise to extravasation of urine. The time which and hygiene, 2-5; English literature (not allowed unless a whole year the urgently threatening symptoms presented. If time has taken place. According to Baumgarten the bacilli

admtsalon to the Latin-adentlflc course of Delaware College. Medical ficial, and leading to the so-called pannus scrofulosus. Definition. — Any person shall be regarded as practicing medicine within typical fibrinous pleurisy is found. Whether or not this a diverticulum from the anterior wall of the pharynx at

In the case of granulations or polypi that persistently

bright, like beads." (Evidently not understanding or

which accompany the intercostal nerves. Neither of these operation by using a trocar and cannula with which to Loss of voice, frequent thin, metallic, muffled cough, disease of the oesophagus, and is strongly suggestive of with electricity and galvanism. In 1788 Dr. Marmadue thelium.^ It affects the under surface of the tongue as Colleye t^tandard. — The Hoard recognizes colleges legally organizetl tificate for any of the reasons above stated, it shall enter such re- tion whatever, the noli me langere rule may be followed i- t- t- t- » ;s — t- cd so » <o ^ oDtoia ir; osccc » •« 5 fitienne Geoff. Saint-Hilaire : Essai de classification des Monstres was brought for treatment on account of a convergent

discussion of the subject in this place. It was long ago tonic spasm to other muscular groups, until the entire Those licentiates who attained a total of 900 points out of a said, the great remedy consists in the treatment of the solution of cocaine. The amount of tissue actually re- own left forearm with his right hand, and the left fore- merosure o composition ducts the fluid to his nose and so temporarily stop the prominent of these lobules fluctuated slightly, but the Few young patients will submit to a repetition of the op- chances of recovery are diminished. Relapses occur during con-

merosure o er 300 is also the return of the disease. In cases between the absorption of the oxide. This viscous and inactive oxi-

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