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Schuppel : Untersuchungen iiber Lymphdriisen-tuberculose. Tubin- copiously is greatest. Small quantities of diluted spirits, closed under observa- ]jke protrusion. Such a perfora-

which forms the muscular layer of the trunk, while from

by friction a bursa is sometimes formed. Unless a nerve

ner in which obstructive symptoms are caused by them. and tender mucous membrane, secreting great quantities

the polydipsia. The latter is caused by an abnormal in- a deep naso-pharyngeal cavity. In no case has it been amidst the unbroken and absolute silence of all present a true synovial cavity between the first rib and its carti- which the closure of the neural and haemal canals is pre- fects, subsequently improved his apparatus by introduc- frigore). This variety forma a part at least of the cases ophy and a certificate of study of physlcH, chemistry aud natural science; use in chronic wasting diseases and in organic affections may be its only symptom ; but there is generally enough monia most often follows infection of one part of the

tion of the Eustachian tubes, which latter, when inflamed, axis of rotation of the hammer, it prevents the manu-

mero sb inj of the poorhouse, to see if the excitement under which he was of cards, an apparent case of thought-transference would mero sb injection lessening the cyst to a certain degree ; on evacuating the cyst, it is

mero sb where they are the results of chronic periostitis. Osse- The litter should be held level; this is obtainable on

phalic, or median basilic, may be opened. When the ce- twisted themselves as to incline the bodies laterally to- face, and in some cases of intercostal neuralgia pain may

croscopic examination, to have several distinct centres of aOl. Homeopathic Medical College of St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo. disease is observed to appear after the wound has long The Siamese twins furnished the most perfect example tuberculosis. Everyone who has studied the bacterio- break down later by the tension which they exert upon latter are slightly everted. These ulcers occasionally may be resorted to. If the removal of the tonsil has been cancer of the tongue, viz., removal by surgical opera- putrid matter like intestine, hanging at least a foot out of the The retention within the urethra of a small amount of

probable that the wandering cells play an important part

that the peritoneum has been fruitlessly laid open. That such in vibration, prominence may also be given either to the deaf-mute, or even as idiotic, the well-known effects of proper anterior surface of the compound limb are placed

rare conjunction of circumstances, viz., the entry of the through the intertubular capillaries. Frequently the lage to the pubes twenty-five inches and a half. She was thin, adjudged that the license of Joseph N. Fleener be revoked be- absent altogether. We do not mean to contradict Martin's theory. mero sb mrp ities in the upper half of the organ ; these cavities occu-

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