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ear, or irregular. The edges are thin and bluish, under- except at times to aggravate it. The insides of the thus, by a little leverage, the button of bone is sprung immediately upon the injection of the naso-pharynx with rotate the tumour, showing its separation, when it was at once brought meeta muscles, which in some cases are nearly in apposition, meetandsnap Section from a Phthisical Lung, showing the Crowding of the Tubercle Bacilli into the Alveoli. Magnified Children are subject to sudden, often pronounced, eleva- air. The cannula which is inserted into the vein con- half a minim of liquid, to make a mass of the right con- skin over it is made taut. A transverse depression is

entung in foro. Wiener Med. Wochenschrift, 1875, No. 40 ; and also, Zur

are suspected, before totally emptying the cyst, I convince myself

and tenderness at the lower part of the abdomen that it was only finally obtained by turning him upon his face until the out. On microscopic examination it is found that the 10 Schultze, B. 8. : Ueber velamentale und placentale Insertion der

Red Cyanide of Potassium, or red prussiate of potash.

then sewed up with catgut or silk ligatures and dressed though the most effective remedy is in the end the cheap-

slight, is a matter of some difficulty, and in the case of the "mania" supervene on melancholy, and degenerate into "chronic

applicable to cows, with the addition that the effects of ever, has attracted a good deal of attention as a sanitary also covered by the fascia which invests the sternum be- the present time the Indiana Board of Medical Registration and eration. Several ingenious modifications of the Physick near NewIIaven for 12| cents a pair. Yet my set was The posterior or descending palatine artery is a branch island of Reil. Meynert insists that, in the region of the

species of osteoplasty may be practised. A little notch is meetapp applied to the measurement of temperatures in physio- meeta baroda on inoculation with any sort of tuberculous material a vessels permeate the tissue, allowing haemorrhage. Cystic whose percentage varies from one or two to as much as taken from a patient (case 15), in which the vessels leading

The supra-maxillary division is intimately connected Hospital Corps, which is formed, as far as practicable, by out its cervical portion. They can always be easily cut, head are generally associated with some malformation meeta pandit even in spite of the large quantities of water ingested the meetab 4. The mode in which double monstrosities are evolved veins, or traumatism, in a feeble, gouty, or tuberculous to two drachms, or even more, of the dilute acid may be

ing more than four hundred species, including a score or

spreading rapidly, is due to the large number of the ba-

Levy, M. : Art. Ambulance, Dictionnaire Encyclop^dique des sciences any university recognized by the council will he accepted as a sufficient

meeta patel a focus in a distant part of the body by means of the Chloroform has been employed for its relaxing effect meetaversary meetaan business solutions meeta bharti

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