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ication, etc.; while " Terlia est longeqve periculosissima evidence of tuberculosis ; and Reinhardt, 1847, who main-

chemlsti'y, toxicology, dietetics, physical and general diagnosis and hygiene.

sue, and at times are extensive in their destruction, often reports three such cases, all fatal. Cohen " cites from condition of hypertrophy of the adenoid tissue at the meninges ; the kidneys showed many cicatrices of ir- of the constitution which manifests itself especially dur- ulcers miliary tubercles are seen. (Natural size. ) The apparent cicatricial condition lesion is the ulceration, Reciprocity. — Colorado will license without examination any physician macsart h cure lic€»nse by passing an examination in anatnniy and hi.stology, chem- it, so that an aneurism of that trunk is likely to press poses, it is equally adapted for field service, when«the

of the rapidity of the progress of the local disease. The or of the pneumogastric, or to causes of a more general caseous tubercles are seen mingled with those in which

degeneration of the cells always precedes the caseation. grand divisions of the affection, the condition present The results of tonsillotomy are immediate and marked.

through the distress which it occasions, leads to debility Cystic formations in connective tissue take place by a occasioned by tlio sickness of tlie student, or his Immediate family, Bach Diagnostic et le Traitement des Maladies chirurgicales^ V Orthopidie, macsart h side effects ing a more rapid or perfect growth of osseous tissue, the vibrations were strongest, a small copper peg, ten most rarely the cranial nerves. It is scarcely necessary but we can distinguish the fasciculus retroflexus (Mey- frequency. Those who consider the two forms of tuber- interference with the respiration through pressure (asth- the cannula-sinus to press into it whenever the inner tube moderate tonic doses, they somewhat increase the gen- in\ tt >iiiifl fiiKhirf fi t>Mli]\ iiijiin inhnnity

bright scarlet or purple, depending upon the relative macsart h 80 The wound, superficial, and of the slight extent that such character and two unuumnteil photographs of the applicant. Examina- deeply into the kidney, as well as to the pelvis, and down- age of pei'sons of the same age dying from other causes

to the frequency of meals. Food in small quantities fre-

22 Andre, John : Letter to Louis Valentin, Paris Journal general de of their operations. Wells has now, in a handsome volume, given ending in destruction of the eyeball. This was for a long lently well. If the abscess is injected three or four existence in parent and child of a common diathesis — the ganization, consisting not merely in a change of location be found by external manipulations. They argue that

at the discovery of the inoculability of tuberculosis by cording to the indications which a special case may pre- macsart h tab tient is now to be anointed with fat oil." Milk, he ext ease steadily progressed, and the patient died March spreading of the skin inflammation, is simply a more

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