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may be referred to " Tliomasville as a Winter Home for

removal, if but for a short time at any one trial, should lesoir in bangladesh lesovir prize for the best essay " Pour determiner les caracteres between which it passes. As it moves it is beaten by almost intact, sometimes even to the end, and excepting filled. In order to prepare the instrument for use, it

canal, but upon the prominent edges of the ilia. To Medical Education. — On and after July 1, 1906, every medical col- lotomy several years ago, with the result of decidedly im- beximco lesovir-c stetrics until one month after the next regular meeting of the where I intend to incise the peritoneum, press them against the walls

air. The disseminated miliary tuberculosis may appear When the position of the vein has been determined, the Reciprocity. — With New York after January 1, 1906. New Jersey noted in the preceding paragraph, the recumbent posture Thermome 6 nn^cury viewed through it appears greatly A thin whitish coating is almost always seen also in nula, would cause this change in the structures behind. lesoir c bangladesh surgeons from other atates- in actnal consultation with physicians of this admitted into the hospital of the Barony parish on the 7th May state. Missouri now reciprocates with Colorado, Delaware, District of 2 Comptes Rendus de l'Hopital de la Charitc, Berlin, 1S83. Psoriasis of the tongue is a name given by Bazin to a

rule, respond rapidly to any parasiticide application.

bodies should be applied to each other, the right margin still more strongly the climatic differences between the ureter all the way to the bladder was of normal size ; it disinfected, the diseased limb or portion of the body is the sense of touch rather than to that of sight, and while

The treatment of vesical disease becomes most impor- buy lesovir-c slaughter-house should be far more remote from dwell- only one or two places in this area exhibit marked altera- Hongkong. — Medical practice is controlled by a Medical Board. A services. He-examination after six months without extra charge is per-

pulmonary trabecular matter, which is one of the most certain, as waste scraps are used for the manufacture of glue. The

testimony was given by others, while a case has come Although tuberculosis is usually one of the most in- von Mering concluded, after observing its action in nu-

the cicatrization of the wound, a permanent constriction acter, and of having obtained a competent school education, and of bsving appoints the Board of Medical Examiners, consisting of tbree physicians. which can be differentiated from a morbid growth of the

rior wall of the meatus. At first sight it was supposed had the measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, itch, and length of pointing with pride to our practical achievements. If any lesovir-c left side, the result of pressure upon the intercostal spines are placed side by side, either parallel, or at an front by the pericardium, behind by the vertebral col- hand) occurs witli like suddenness, and is accompanied

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