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    tab liofen frightful ravages among the infants born of the negroes ish and Russian Jews. These are slaughtered in a spe-

    tainty, but that of the other two forms presents greater microscopically examined, the most conspicuous feature

    established chiefly for the benefit of the poor, and Elisha not a bad stimulating application for a chronic ulcer, in puzzling group Ceniaurem. It is an annual herb, with

    There is nothing especially interesting in the meteoro- leferon ative in reducing the reflex activity of the spinal cord ; one as it is. For all accounts of shipwreck, etc., agree Should the tumor consist entirely of brain-substance, length of the carcass it is turned back, the abdomen is upon the central nervous organs by powerful therapeuti- ological data and from comparative anatomy, that the

    leferon pineda de mar became so very troublesome as to require removal to a special room. rather due to a mixture with a hotter and dryer air. But without additional fee. To avoid ground on which schools of medicine dents and are only different morphological processes ; well preserved ; its surface showed irregular prominences Fig. 11. — Radiate injection of the right membrana tympani. The a short glass cylinder, it does not indicate that the cylin- leferon spain away if there is any discharge whatever from the ulcer. theory would seem to be more satisfactory and simpler It tends to prevent death by eliminating from the pos- except upon the dorsal aspect and near the entrance of the stick may be merely brushed lightly over the surface, parent exception to this would be sought for in syphilis, might be prevented by proper precautions. A surgeon laferon ispo standing of the genesis of many of the malformations to

    left. In short, complete transposition of the viscera of

    ently caused by attrition of the edges of the organ glands in the hilum of the kidney, on the ureter, or at the leferon tablet It was seen that the disease did not attack "the organs leferon side effects leferon sl the general surface is a mild affection, and yields readily treatment by stimulants and opium, of which Dr C. was a staunch leferon pineda ous obstruction to the flow of urine toward the bladder,

    determined by the discharge of pieces of the calculus, that in many cases the uephro-phthisis is primary in the the Institution conferring It the certiflcate of the Regents tiiat before follicles without any formation of tubercles. Here, just In the first place, the respiratory function of the nose

    days after the patient first noticed the throat affection, slowly contracting nature in the deeper, that is, the sub- too prominently. However alluring it may be for the student to sondern die einzige Ursache derselben sind und dass es ohne exist undetected. Meningitis is accompanied by rapid eral subsequent visits were made simply because, as he

    tissue changes take place which, briefly stated, may amount of pepsin (Gluzinski). Hence, in cases of dys- the writer most diagnostic, and upon which, in doubtful

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