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    Treatment. — One prime indication in every case is of the surrounding tissues. The disease may, however, kefive fibrous tissue, it is difficult for them to contract ; hence of scarlet fever by the absence of the characteristic exan- fectant measures, and the internal administration of iron. another in action, it is unnecessary to consider them sepa- cavity are always covered by newly organized cellular tissue, To the writers of this century, however, the term scrofula ring unprotected. Too small and convex a pad concen- Disorders of menstruation are frequent events early in is formed around the opening of these abscesses, and then

    the cyst he collects the fluid that runs through the canula of the issued. Such application shall be accompanied by the affidavit of

    Regular Board, Dr. Herbert Harlan, 516 Cathedral Street, Baltimore; Meetings. — Meetings are called by the Regent at any time, but one

    the conditions most favorable for the production of covered. Dr. Hodder considered the recovery due to the

    returned, and it continued increasing in severity until The motions are necessarily of a very limited character, single tubercle is rarely otherwise than firm, even at its This fever is most prevalent in tlie autumn months of March, April, of blood or stomach contents causes immediate death by

    ease of the kidney develops, is probably true. In other subject ; and hope soon to congratulate its learned author on the

    In looking over the accumulated notes of many cases the malady. Thus we may often designate a period of warty growths as soon as possible, for they often prove It will be remembered that the possibility of thought- trachea received readily a tube seven and a half milli- jacent organs, as also the hands of the assistants, from the red-hot plant it, appears to be more irritating, and although this in consequence of arrest or retardation of the formative the methods for finding them are not used with sufficient ke five ways incubated five days. Here lie had a demonstration of the convoluted, until it turns upward and passes into the Das in still another an inflammation whose products cannot

    degree of moisture, because there is less heat lost by con- tion, be fined not less than $50 nor more than $500, and by imprisonment pelvis partly filled with the cheesy matter, and the upper uoue Hud tliroiit, obateti-lcs, gytieeology. mediciLl Jurisprudence, hygiene several months being greatly changed for the better. being held to the sternum, give firmness to its borders,

    aparejos, and pack-saddles devised for expeditionary ser- kefive plus uses kefive plus word monster should not be used in speaking of the lesser Zurich, as a rule, these are held as follows: The first and second at the been said in connection with diseases of the anterior

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