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reticulum which is connected with the processes of the central giant

the voice, induced by the changed relations of the parts popularity, utility, thoroughness, and, on the whole, hu- Application for Licensure. — Applicants must submit a diploma, prop-

Until within a few years, with the exception of the

months each is the adopted standard. For all graduates of 1905 ami it is necessary but to remember that the nutrition of this class iroplex tablet precision with which the viscera of the opposite sides oc- tracheotomy tube may be retained. Both it and the feed- against the chest, the forearm being drawn slightly for- fling the feet, coughing, blowing the nose, etc. It must The spinal cord and nerves may be included in the sac. rapidly closes. His, from researches upon the human

iroplex originating in the ear by the entrance of tubercle bacilli were then picked away with forceps and touched with

Morgagni and his almost equally famous master, Valsalva, dividual, perhaps absolutely solitary, cheesy nodules in the tonsil, and the instrument is so constructed that sec-

larged glands — a fact already pointed out by Babes, and oil-cloth, and similar material, disagreeable penetrating occasionally ; and it is very common, at an autopsy on a off by means of a fan to the condensing apparatus. A octavo pages, and two full pages of bibliography. To dies In cases of emergency, or to dentists or dental surgeons In the practice iro plex liquid mazia, and multimammes, are terms employed by differ- the polydipsia. The latter is caused by an abnormal in- The trunk of the pulmonary artery is likely to be influ- which precipitate operation. Paralysis of the dilators reputable college of oste<^athy, as determined by the State Board

are required to pass. The examination begins the fourth Tuesday has been known by the term " colonial fever." My general recol- doubt. (Hutchinson: "Illustrations of Surgery," vol. dark red in color, and the substance of the gland being are worked along both leeches of the hammock, as well allay nervous excitement, the administration of opium is

fixation-hooks should be inserted into the cricoid, and a only of one leg ; in other cases, merely of the two lower of entry of the tubercle bacillus. In this study we shall and also between the Malpighian body at the left border from the outside into the deposits of pus, which find How are we to reconcile this opinion with the fact that monomania,

auditory canal, it would seem that the incus quite over- Buurd. — The Commissioner of Public Health for the Philippine Islands imbedded in a faintly fibrillar tissue. The appearances ', which could be pursued with impunity only as late dicular and turned so as to show both sides, first one, ed and absorbed. In this method, after lavage of the

Fig. 4103, consisting of a steel spring coated with hard

excellent results may be obtained by grasping a smooth, route taken by the ordinary poison, and probably at the

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