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Ten Most Frequent Topics Seiected By Family Physicians

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incisions, linseed poultices, and appropriate constitutional treatment. I ap-

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i counseCtoin life manner I witlnot give U a woman a pessary brproduce

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the alkaloids dissolved with the help of sulphuric acid are preserved better

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that awful complication, a mixed infection in a loculated

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modified our views in almost every department of human

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and gluten — being removed to obtain the | This was a ratio out of all proportion to the

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tion showed sarcomatous cells. The electrolysis was,

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in the form of a few nodules attaining the size of a cherry, wal-

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advances made, I feel assured that not only is the laity but the medical

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about another patient : whose political life indeed has

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ime(|ical profession, excepting such as are occupied by the city-order

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production and storage of sugar, the production of urea, and the

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VVith the bright example of the county of New Haven, the prac-

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where her profession is concerned. Cattell is not one to

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the outflow of the glycolytic ferment into the blood which, according to

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and the kidneys to be carefully subjected to a chemical examination.

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animal showing a reaction. The animal, however, is a very de-

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king Solomon, the greatest honour unto hiin that has her.

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this abated very much, and now exists, but only in a com-

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There was some swelling of the part, but none of the

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others, the retention of the after-birth for a day or two

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Special Features in the Treatment of Joint Wounds . 201

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nerve cells of the second and third layers. On first examination

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fallen three stories. H«' was senii-4-onscious at entrance

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bend, being somewhat rigid, but it see-saws, i. e., the mouth comes forward if

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absent from the autopsy, the exact points of pressure

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Sprinkle with salt and pepper when put in the dish, and

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greater part of the right lateral wall of the ventricle ; it is continuous

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wise, the cyanide levels of two who died were in the poten-

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yield to the strain put upon them; hence the frequency of flat-foot

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course, unless healed by retractions, explanations and acknow-

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