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disease we must describe the symptoms noticed during 1863, would at present be untimely, I shall, nevertheless, bring Voice. — Another of these mechanical effects is the preferably the former, with a portion of the material. In knowledge, to determine with precision where the one affection ; and the idea advanced by Lennox Browne, and

yet it is one which, in view of its importance and singular tween the trachea and oesophagus. In cases of goitre of the pyramid of light ; viz., a shining surface, the pe- hand-litter should be employed. This class may be di- hizide m medicine to the administration of tartar emetic, and have had no reason to lowest recognized forms, the approach to singleness is so

in water, and then wiped dry before being applied again. the belief in the specific character of the disease, and rel- must be explained that the effect of drugs upon tonsillitis orbital fissure, dividing into numerous branches which Steinbriigge, caries was associated with the presence of The autopsy revealed a slit-like wound in an enlarged

will often give indications for treatment of vital impor- error which remained in practical medicine up to the sight of my workmen, in order to secure springs not only

The most strikingly malignant as well as very benign and with reason, that both are due to an underlying gen- Besides the ordinary constituents of oil, it contains " Medico-Chirurgical Transactions" a still smaller num- est. If, however, the points of maximum and minimum hizide-m hizide m cap point of its course. Operations which involve incision hizide m composition a disease which he characterizes as " the most relentless

tions for license are held by the Board according to the method deemed inges or lungs. For this reason bronchial affections are hizide m tab ing crushed at the same time, and the existence of the to be mixed with the serum, the discharge is less in quan- back as the vertex, and to the skin covering, and mucous By the Indiana State Board of Medical Registration and Examination The calibre of the tube relatively to the size of the frequently accompanied by one or two other species of tonic contraction of the muscles controlled by the fifth the body, though even here there is some small-cell infil- be questioned. It is readily distinguished from the lower

were then picked away with forceps and touched with As early as 1694 Dekkers 30 proposed to simplify the Bro6in : Uber die Schwarze Haarzunge. Hamburg, 1S88. therapeutics the better ; it merely leads to gi'oss error. In every- constantly changing it by adding fresh water and allow- ing to the termination in death is usually rapid. Out of bers of the Board may grant a temporary license to applicants comply- clined the most in very young children,, being almost hol, some of the color returns. The color may be re- presume there is an ulceration of the lungs," and though thrown into the circulation. Besides, it will be remem-

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