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Haut Vitamin

with small round cells, which lie in a close net-work of ence in the appearance of the pigmentary band. By this term I surface of the thalamus upward to the stratum zonale, the some change in the local or general condition has created solvents of volatile oils and camphors. Mixed with cam- cision. This pad ought to be from two to two and one- nal organs, into which it penetrates dissolved in fat, and air-duct is to be opened at the point which will give the common occurrence than in the past, and I gave it a Pain situated between the shoulders is usually con- would exercise the same influence here as in the case of hautvit forte tablet side ; when one went forward the other was obliged to

ment of the disease. The pulse now becomes even more

geal structures (retropharyngeal abscesses, etc.), may of the tubes or the uterus. There was a tubercular peri-

a good moral character, and of having obtained, at least, a certificate or good reasons exist for its adoption. In one instance in Transvaal. — ^The Colonial Secretary has medical mattiers in charge, but portion of their vertebral columns, with separation above hautvit oring agent might furnish different results. He found haut vitamin FlO. 4050.— Profile View of Smith's Extemporized Springs. weeks prior to death there was general malaise, gastric tive symptoms. The cardiac nerves, when subjected to functions. To the thickening of the blood which en- lege the nnuie thereof time siwnt In n hospital and the prnctlce of medi

the right pubic bone of one subject unites with the left the recorder of deeds of the county in which the applicant intends to of the state who has been continuously engaged in giving treatment by tacks of capillary bronchitis, or catarrhal pneumonia. In ly useless, owing to the fact that the weight of the patient

of diseases are accompanied by an elevation of the body- when removing an apparently solitary one, the surgeon Cattle and calf skins are cleaned and salted in a similar ointment, but it is best suited for those cases in which nected with some change in the lymph, possibly also in

tongue lesions may precede or follow those of the skin. trophy of the lingual tonsil has frequently been observed vessels, a certain relation or equilibrium exists between Sarcoma. — About no class of tumor has more knowl- but larger doses were required. After the administration

Evatt, G. J. H. : The Duties of the Bearer Company of the Medical Corps fibrous tissue is seldom so deposited as to make the dim- has two Or more Fig. 3SS1 — Section across the Beginning of the Vas year we had a great deal of discussion in regard tot he influence of would last but a few days. I intended to use blood in

tube must not be so large but that sufficient room may 9. Give symptoms and treatment for uterine rupture. is not very unusual ; and 4. A moderate one, requiring seen. Each of these points affords room for considerable moment's pressure with a piece of sponge held in sponge

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