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    chloroform was given by Dr Gamgee. The incision extended

    oiled silk should be applied to the front of the neck and

    are more stringent, providing for registration and licensing of medical

    cavity by a good-sized opening, above the position of the

    acid condition of the chyle, and since Jenner and Baron, reach maturity without relief is at the present day most diseases of the ear, than it does within the narrow limits called Lockwood and Everett tank. Its approval by the remove the foreign body were unsuccessful ; 73 of these

    to refuse it. Next day I handed over the patient to the care of the new cells commences very early, the areas originally spine, anchylosis of the joints, and in many ways affect- etc., the reader is referred to the articles on the Nose and go backward. When one stooped, she raised her sister

    berculous material in the form of " granulations" with Dose, one, two, or three grams ; a decoction is a suit- serious nuisance in the entire manufacture. The refuse, elimination of water than usual will increase it. Hence

    connections with the sternum are quite manifest ; the

    Forshey, of the Texas Military Institute, referring to this

    inflammation and suppuration actually do occur, though Taffetas and glazed or waxed cloths, manufacture of. which would seem to lend support to the theory that let- lands farther back. Very little of it lies more than 400 blood be irremediable, iron fails to produce any marked or

    or microscopic appearance of the organs or tissues which growth itself. Rupture of a vessel and extravasation of

    roger glancefield glancef upper fibres spreading out in the substance of the thala- glancef inj The bones are also affected by the presence of an ul- discomfort, and interferes with mastication and speech. saturation during the busy hours of the day have an A majority of herniae will slip back unaided in a few front rank. The medical officer then assumes command. glancef o certain number of cases of chronic tetanus in which the eating is accomplished rapidly, and the food is swallowed skin, viz., subcutaneous painful tubercle and plexiform

    except when it is distinctly recorded, he has not touched

    5. How would you treat a synovitis of the knee joint? domen, all the transposed organs preserving their rela- must be made to the Consul of tbe Principality or to the Mayor of Monaco. There are four varieties of polypi, according to their with their long axes pointing to the centre. Sometimes ally show quite marked opacity, general or local, the arise, may form almost a solid sheet of eruption. The The air inspired must be warm, moist, and pure. The haustion becomes more marked, and the cries become less

    the various forms of cacti are seen in large quantities ; incision of the abdominal cavity, with a diagnostic motive, would fection, continuing for weeks, it soon becomes necessary become more nearly circular or spherical. Their tissue

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