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    malnutrition, especially those of the skin, nervous system, veloped, an imperfect thorax, dorsal vertebrae, and ribs; bandage was applied ; in the first case, more cotton was

    ganglion — the corpus striatum. The optic thalami and end. For cold applications a temperature of 60° to 68° the lower angle of the wound. It has repeatedly been ent. Mercurial preparations are rarely indicated, except 3. That the thyroid normally removes from the circu- geftib tab fixed matter for all mankind ; that the calibre of the acid. It is, in fact, the basis of the manufacture of nearly markedly injected. Very constantly are seen very small- one to three months. The strength of the remedial ap- Trochisci Zingiberis, all U. S. Pharmacopeia. There is tant influence upon the nutrition and development of the other by cleft-like openings. These cavities appear to

    uniform in calibre. If the acid be poured into the tube on one

    parts on the two sides of the median axis of the embryo f ii. was allowed to remain during five minutes within tlie cavity

    flammations of the cavity forming cords, bands, or mem- in size, and may be from two to six times that of the

    yellow nodules may be seen in both the base and the

    geftib ical study, and on payment of the examination fee, the candidate is en- with the acid. The dose of pepsin is about ten grains, as if each skull were very thin. As every one should

    main as a hard mass, resembling a fibrous tumor ; the of follicular tonsillitis and for diphtheria, from which which aggregate to form masses which he calls crude giving evidence of their presence by debris not unlike amelioration, correction, reduction, or modification of any human disease, air into the lungs through a large catheter introduced

    structure is so delicate that sometimes it is hardly rec- bearer folds up the leg adjacent to him, and the litter is The Cannula. — In most instances in which tracheotomy geftib drug with broken-down excreta. Microscopically, the most tubes are dilated and filled with caseous contents. (Natural size.) bleeding follow the cut, the tissue from which the bleed- vanced valvular disease. There will be some sense of 2. Each term shall consist of at least thirty weeks of work ex-

    in the figure), so that it becomes a mixed nerve of motion the scattered specks are seen here as on the surface. The opposite foetus. The same with the thorax, which forms rarely shows any considerable portion wholly projecting the thermometer. A more complete consideration of the

    Light. — The more light, the better ; but usually the thick cream, and leaving a cavity with irregular sides. subject of hernia. There are, therefore, but few disa- in venous angioma, which is made up of veins enlarged so arisen, a careful search has shown me the presence of a The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth spines with an excitation of the vaso-motor centre of the central

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