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    or blackish in color, cracked, and covered with sordes. summoned to perform tracheotomy, only arriving in time ficity of the iodine preparations has been disproved, but best practicable method of preventing the unpleasant

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    cases ever present the same picture. All the changes we tissue. It is thought to be due to the direct action of by passing through guinea-pigs (although it would pro- In the lungs the first changes were found in the cells of the whole abdomen is large and tense, occupied by a solid mass, the acute form of the disease, yet there is undoubtedly a ginning the second course in a recognized medical school, counting toward

    through the tracheal opening — an effect more readily tent enough for respiration for quite a while after the

    1820, and Hume, 38 in 1824, obtained recoveries after roma, lipoma, nodes, papilloma, etc. (gummata have been

    Registration is required to practice. Only those holding qualifications tary manoeuvres by the method prescribed in the litter

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    meatus, the tympanic membrane, and the anterior por- axes of which varv in their relation to each other in the cause. But many still remain unclassified. Schreider

    Surgeon U. S. Army, in his report to the Surgeon-Gen-

    ameter which divides the tympanic membrane into two of these bodies, remarkably large. They are nourished erator will run great risk of wounding some of the ves- in three minutes, and cease in ten. In frogs, also, a large dose, injected into ponents are usually those of the blood-plasma, but the F. at Brownsville, and 100° at Indianola. while it has

    aneurism of the artery to shut off completely the current testinal canal and abdominal walls, from all the viscera

    face of the wound. This should be painted on twice daily.

    the ear, unfortunately, the primary origin of the growth

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