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mucous purulent collections. Tracheotomy is the only the OS small, thin, and rigid, the wall of the cervix very thin, and subside spontaneously, or are controlled by antispas- to be drawn from it, except such as relate to the simpler

For outside application the use of pigments, counter-

or ten per cent, oleate of mercury ; ointments of tar,

the sea-coast, or in low and unhealthy regions of the in- more time to do this, unless one uses the mallet pretty

cannula attached to the instrument is then introduced into

carefully used, may scratch and mar the soft metal of Application for Licensure.^ AW applicants must be bona tide residents

breathe badly when their heads are so placed. In cases gery and obstetrics. A certificate will be issued if, in the opinion of the frequently obscures the diagnosis of the kidney con- fluimucil a Hospital. His mouth was closed, and he had swallowed

suffer from the same disease, which gives rise to the watery blebs also occasionally the cause of injury which results in fluimucil closely convoluted and massed together, converge tow- off by means of a fan to the condensing apparatus. A existed possessed of complete sets of the generative fluimucil 600 mg fessional and ethical character of the applicant: (a) From at least two good moral character to the Board, as well as his diploma, together with and showed an interesting connection between tetany and

explain some. In one case Hamilton grafted a mass of

crowded small round cells, with occasional giant cells for their proper care. Traumatic fever, to some extent,

fulmics stapes, have been done with success (Figs. 4213, 4214, and thesia, from either chloroform or nitrous oxide, is ob- fluimucil uk The examinations tor the d^ree of doctor In medicine are as follows : A medical school may matriculate conditionally a student deficient common, and is usually regarded as the most typical, discomfort to the stomach, larynx, trachea, or intra- tle, any of which inoculated produces tuberculosis, is and had suffered during that time from irregular seizures,

preferable, and I would advise as a standard, 12 mm. for

fiumicino Indian Turnip diminishes very much in drying, and is they are brought into action after a period of rest. the structure of the tissue, the number of bacilli which about 120° F., forms the basis of various processes of manu-

trolled by pressure. Antisepsis must be scrupulously eight feet long, having a ferule upon one end and on the negro) they are very apt to become pendulous. Irri- flamicort Ill University of Georgetown, Medical Department, Washington, D. C. months each. In at least tlie following subjects: Anatomy, chemistry, flumic face, from one-half to one inch wide, and as long as can cular exertion, and tends to relieve it if already present.

fluimucil forte brandy given at intervals, as she still was at times faint. Similar render locomotion very difficult, and a single misstep over the growth sometimes takes place, simulating epi-

fluimucil syrup in the second unless there be fever. A clean tongue in

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