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    stimulants. In the scorbutic variety, in addition to the opium and


    in fact, what is looked for. Osteopathic treatment avoids anky-

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    the quantity must be reduced, or its administration altogether stopped.

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    such cases albumen appears temporarily in the urine. Complications oc-

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    disease. Mild and severe cases often occur in the same household during

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    typhus fever. In pyaemia and septicsemia there are irregular chills, followed

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    person has a slight rigor, followed by a febrile movement attended by great

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    ness, although one of apparent coma, for the mental processes are going

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    montatioii also occurs in cases of lonp^-standinf:^ jaundice. In melanosis wo

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    cedes the characteristic expectoration. Tlie expectoration has usually a

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    ery. On the other hand, those who oppose opening the abscess say that

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    brings about the recovery of its conductivity. This is followed by a

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    pression of spirits and irritability of temper. Indiscretion in eating or drink-

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    be unable to tell when he commenced to be sick ; for a period of several

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    brought about by injury and subluxation. The deposit of the tubercle

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    Cause. — The cause of the disease is the streptococci and the staphy-

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    urethritis, chancre, rupture of the corpus spongiosum, or morbid

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    Preparations of iron and a change of residence to a non-malarial district

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    turns, during all of which time the patient is subject to violent paroxysms

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    irritation should be removed without the destruction of any

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    the general health varies according to the nature of the tumor

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    should be made to determine, if possible, the nature of the injury.

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    walls, (2) the bronchial, and (3) the alveolar surfaces. Many remain at

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    or the presence of any pyloric growth. The two important ones are cancer

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    there is disease of the artery. This method has given way to extirpa-

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    be voided j!?er anum or it may lead to an intestinal obstruction, ulceration,

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    ated with the atrophic changes. In the advanced stages the unnatural

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    seat of atelectasis, then the tongue-like prolongations of the upper left lobe

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