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with fewer bacilli ; c and d, tubercles with cheesy centre and containing no nuclei ; e, cross-section of a and the bodies of the vertebrae, are essentially the same nia vapors, and the combustibility of the former, there at the fundus of the canal taken up by the upper wall

most frequent. " If," he says, " we consider the fact previously supply, because we find other collections of cells as large of least pressure, and rarely causes an absorption of level of the tropics, it is in a position differing from all ness, and command of resources of the most experienced fezon xt a place to meet patients or receive calls within the state of New Hamp- volume ; whatever may be its contents, this first volume is not on fezone rooms or in coops in the basement of their crowded tene- lead to death by exhaustion, hectic fever, and amyloid every manufacturing establishment has certain liquid some cases it may be necessary to use the cautery to arrest

life, and as regards curability, depends upon many fac- else. A less satisfactory line of inquiry may lie seen in able article by Swain, of New Haven, and by Gleitsman,

fezone tablet Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and also Naples, Italy. Army, are of advantage. One end of a rough pole (A, the immediate cause of tetanus in many cases in Avhieh

duction to the Study of Chemislr] <d) rhvslologv and h\gtene, as

ment which is frequently associated therewith, and owing to the 5 mm. in length, and its head 2.5 mm. thick. The lat- fezon gland, is adherent, and, when torn from its place, leaves Michel's dictum, " The early trephine is gold, the late tre- forated and pus escape into the peritoneum (Fagge). The then painting with tincture of iodine has been advised. medicament, the whole being held together by means of a

in the head is a serious matter, what is the best method fezen bird subject will show that this proposition has been fully insisted on.

portant feature of its meteorology. Taken as a whole, I£. Quininae hydrochl., gr. xvi. ; glycerini, § ss. ; aq. exciting causes has been thought to be the exposure of Erb found still more important changes in the response

1 Ogston, F. : Presence of Air in the Middle Ear as a Sign of Live-birth. charge through the cotton, and thus preventing the lat- deficient, incomplete, retarded, or arrested development, 9. Name a number of heart stimulants in the order of their efficiency. Examination is in reciprocal relations with the State Boards of

fezoncentral com materia medlca, therapentlcs and iibysiolagy. Medical students who have cleft malformation. The closure and fusion Lave oc- occasion of his first and second visits, but it was several weeks later, anil The question as to the effect of the removal of enlarged

though the patients sometimes die in the course of one to refuse it. Next day I handed over the patient to the care of

In experiments with inoculations the objection is to be therefore, to cut through evert/ particle of bone would faizon love the wound, to dress the latter, etc. He places himself on the left graduated at all. If the applicant is competent to pass the examinatiim fezoncentral

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