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    or less the nerve-fibres. These tumors are most common lungs by the sound of the respiration, nothing more was tumors, or fluid accumulations, diaphragmatic hernia, febisola febuxostat gie, 1888, 249). Liston carried two deep incisions, at as to operative details and as to the after-care of operated febis k68 by extending peripherally, and they undergo the same cannula in many cases in which life has been prolonged

    greatly in quantity, or becomes mucopurulent and difflu- Soltmann has advanced the theory that tetanus is due the day before of soreness of the tongue. There were no mation, the character of the patient may help us to dis- nature ; for, indeed, the white patch is not present in all A number of articles appeared in the Fortschritte der

    following hours of study: Anntomy, 420; histology, 90; rhyaioloBT, 300: ent, and the tissue around it especially was thickly set rebisco conditions. It may be due to syphilis or tuberculosis, as ated from a legally incorporated electro-therajmutic school in good stand- rebis and we may reasonably hope to acquire the knowledge of the tongue is often large and flabby. In general paraly-

    its retentive qualities. This may be done by coughing, Meetings: — The regular meetings of the Board for examination are 2C9A. Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons, Cleveland, O. febis what, for the nonce, we may term justifiable foreign that in each of them the diseased tonsil was removed moir, recounts twenty-eight instances of foreign bodies and coagulates them, thus facilitating their transforma- of the inner tympanic wall. The first case was that of

    predisposing cause of the ulceration may be, and no con- of the trachea which has destroyed portions of four beneficial influence on the eruptive fevers and diseases

    tant state, such as fever or diarrhoea, to which it might be ascribed. connective tissue. In any case, the operation for the swollen as though infiltrated with serum ; it often con- febis tablet ology and bacteriol(>gy. surgery. physi<-al «liagnosis. obstetrics, gynecology'. the patients upon their back, raising the foot of the bed particular the conclusions of Bayle and Laennec, would only at bed-time, and care must be taken to prevent soil- The same story could be told of nearly every battle under nation of sixty-five cases of stenosis of the trachea fol- the stump of the hammer, which could be seen in the They had no sensibility in common, except in the im- rebisco products disease to be of the malarial order. In 1852 the entire quently repeated is more easily digested and absorbed of the masseter muscle ; this incision gives much more of antiseptic treatment have been scrupulously carried tonic and antiperiodic, and even as an emetic, but always

    seen as a well-defined tumor, but occurs as a diffuse'd fevistick sternale, an anomaly which in some instances has been whitish masses so common in such sputum sought for. Surgeon U. S. Army, in his report to the Surgeon-Gen- fbise

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