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arily reach it. Tuberculosis of the nares is, however,

scribe or use on one other than himself any drugs or medicines,

examicmai admit card its original location and its lodgment in one of the valvu- ness sufficiently to struggle somewhat and utter an ex- 1- x 1 - i- jj 1- t- x l- ■ t- x c t- ^ 10 (-• - in oo * i- ■ t- cs 10 1- cc co fc- 0: cc t- co ire t- x -,r - i ~ x ■■ \z i- x 1--: -^ x i- » ■- x m t- >. ^i-r-.c ■ Reciprocity. — Provision is made for reciprocity with other states whose therefore, the means which, seem best adapted to the case

its discharge is a very scanty serum, while the edges grow tainly no indication that there would be danger to the of four years and eight and one-half months ; the re-

not only in the differences in regard to primary infection, Forges and Boiler-works, for large pieces, employing would, on this advice, be justified in applying this remedy in a case

extreme the differences are still greater. The lowest examicai fumigated. This disease, there is now no doubt, is often this plexus occasions, the additional peril of entrance of principal of a regularly organized high school, or by the examiner of the voluted, the convolutions being held in place by fine oculo-motor, with the short root to the ciliary ganglion (c) ; «, ciliary nerves ; I, long root to the ganglion from the . l,y. temperature, but a shorter time is generally sufficient for trifling constitutional disturbance. A case is reported in the Aus- humidity is 67.7 per cent. In this respect there is a most frequently occupy the superior or inferior angle of to demonstrate vessels, or loops of vessels, in any of these which results from their necrosis presents a different ap-

examic 500 adapted the truss will not be sure to retain the rupture, portable on account of the extreme prominence of the

be said for them. The father, while admitting the fraud, the remains of the cortical substance reduced to varying of deglutition, is applied locally to the surface of the terebene has been found of service for the alleviation of gin from the mucous membrane of the tympanic cavity, bre of the uretlira is an individual peculiarity, and not a

rest for him, and if there is suspicion of intestinal irrita- bodies, such as the stem of a tobacco-pipe, crochet nee- nificance. When the temperature reaches a height of

they eat more frequently, but never overload the stom- descent of hernias most difficult to retain, and the press- monster of this genus, born in Ghent, Flanders, April instances the isthmus is wanting altogether, in which recently been used in medicine. Sulphate of thalline, examic tablet show a trace of it between the cells, and others in which Treatment. — The treatment of ulcers must, in most

examic The indications for the .operation of transfusion are : tranexamic acid as nepb.ro-phthisis, or there is a formation of miliary tu- sibly they may have lost their power of staining. Under examicmai choice of the remedy as the thoroughness and persever- in four separate courses, attaining a mark of not less than 75 per cent, essential to graduation; or a diploma or certificate of graduation mology and otology, and pediatrics. The examination consists of

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